Darksiders II: Definitive Edition coming to next-generation systems?

It looks as if Nordic Games' Darksiders II may be joining the long list of games that have gotten next-generation remasters - that is if a recent Amazon product listing is any indication.

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TheSuperior 1344d ago

I would be really happy with this. I am very sad that there will most likely never be another Darksider game because I really enjoyed them. I would love to replay Darksiders II on my One regardless :)

mikeslemonade1344d ago

I'm actually playing through Darksiders 1 right now because I got stuck the first time and returned the game because I was renting it.

Now.. I was just thinking how great a DS3 game would be on the current gen platforms. This news sucks because DS2 just wan't as good of a game with the changes they made. Neither of the games need to be remade anyway despite them being graphically average at the time they came out.

Ultr1344d ago

Ok. I loved ds2 more than ds1 :)

Christopher1344d ago (Edited 1344d ago )

Would really only make sense if both games were included.

And, if it was done to see if interest in more, I'd probably buy it. Enjoyed the first immensely, sadly have not gotten that far in the 2nd one, but enjoyed what I did play of it as much as the first.

Septic1344d ago

Does the second actually follow on from the first? Completed the first one and bought the second but never got round to playing it. Apparently DS2 smashes the first one.

Christopher1344d ago (Edited 1344d ago )

You can play them on their own equally, but, IMHO, it doesn't make sense to bring one to current gen and not the other considering you're cutting out part of the story just because it was published two years earlier on the same hardware.

As far as follow from the first, yes. But, you can get an idea of the first from the second. You just won't be knowledgeable of the parties involved from the first the way you would had you played it.

bouzebbal1344d ago

i loved the first one as much as you apparently it was an insane game, a mature Zelda game with an amazing character design..
The second one however didn't catch me much, it felt like it aged badly and the environments are empty. i played only an hour or 2 but if the game gets more interesting later on i can give it another chance on PS4

joab7771344d ago

Why not? I never played it but wanted too.

badboyz091344d ago (Edited 1344d ago )

Glad I waited for this!

TheSuperior 1344d ago

That's pretty sweet, being able to experience this new on One or PS4 the first time will probably be quite the experience. :)

LAWSON721344d ago (Edited 1344d ago )

Not really, I have played it on PC at 1080p/60 fps it really does not look that fantastic. I guess 60 fps is always nice, but still felt like the PS3 version to me.

A great game just don't expect some new experience or huge difference.

Septic1344d ago

Again what? Remasters? They shouldn't really bother peopl. You're not made to buy them but offer people who didn't get a chance to play the game before to play them on next gen consoles with better fidelity. It's just convenient.

Gwiz1344d ago

Danke wunter Slaushjah,but seriously look at these dislikes.
I for one like this game,but i'm also tired of this maelstrom of definitive editions orbiting this black hole of the industry at this moment.

d_g1344d ago


i want Darksiders 3 not remaster

TheJacksonRGN1344d ago

I want Darksiders 3 as well but DS2 wasn't profitable enough for THQ. Nordic games is no doubt testing the waters with this.

If enough people buy it, then we may get a third.

Septic1344d ago

Really good point. If this does gain traction then that will give them the best excuse to release a third entry.

LordMaim1344d ago

I might consider it if they did a HD collection, since I liked the first one more than the second.

DarkOcelet1344d ago

They should announce Darksiders 3 this E3 so at least that would be awesome.

Spore_7771344d ago

I agree, it would be nice to get an E3 announcement of Darksiders 3.

Red1344d ago

Getting extremely tired of all these remastered, re-released, updated or otherwise games. A few here and there is cool, but it seems like a new one is announced every other week.

Spore_7771344d ago

There's always the option not to buy them. Believe it or not, but people do exist who missed out on last gen games and remasters are a good way for them to experience certain titles. An audience for them definitely exists.

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