Pixel Heroes: Byte and Magic Review - Mouse n Joypad

George writes - "Pixel Heroes: Byte and Magic, developed by The Bitfather, is a 2-D, side-scrolling, rogue-like, adventure game with witty dialogue and old-school, RPG elements. The game features 30 playable characters to unlock, a handful of achievements, and endless, class combinations giving the player countless amounts of replay value. All things to consider, the game is very well-made, and a joy to play, but its lack in story and gameplay loses excitement. The random encounter is what keeps the gameplay from being any less boring. Choices have consequences, random items determine the heroes’ stats, and strategic, turn-based battling system is why Pixel Heroes: Byte and Magic does a wonderful job at creating an 80’s style game."

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Pixel Heroes: Byte & Magic Review (The Gamers Lounge)

Pixel Heroes: Byte & Magic from Headup Games was already released on iOS and Android but the game has finally made it way to the other platforms. Join The Gamers Lounge as we play this 2D pixelated RPG/Rogue-like that takes us back to yesterday. Is this a game for the casual gamer or the hardcore RPG fan?

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Pixel Heroes Byte & Magic - A Simple, But Addictive Roguelike

Pixel Heroes: Byte & Magic by developer The BitFather is a highly addictive roguelike that harkens back to the early days of gaming (before Nintendo’s 8-bit NES, when the Apple II and Commodore 64 were considered the platforms of choice to game on). The landscape for game development was vastly different than it is today, and it was led by developers such as Epyx Games and SSI, to name a few. Games like Rogue (Epyx Games) and Questron (SSI) paved the way for the role-playing genre, and gaming has never been the same ever since. Pixel Heroes by The BitFather attempts to recapture the gameplay and style of these early 8-bit role-playing games, and the end result is a highly addictive, but simple roguelike that plays as good as it looks.

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Pixel Heroes: Byte and Magic Review – A Rough Port | COG

COG writes: Pixel Heroes: Byte and Magic is a great idea for a mobile game, but the experience translates very poorly over to console.

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