4 Zelda Games to Remaster Next

Nintendo has found a bona fide hit factory in its recent remasterings of beloved Zelda games. So what now? We've thought up a few classic Zelda games that seem primed for a remastered version.

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Bansai1343d ago

Yes, they indeed should focus on more remasters instead of making new games in those franchises, what a wonderful idea.

jagiii1343d ago

Nintendo should do this.

TheGamez1001343d ago

Need twilight princess hd remaster on my wii u!!!

rigo85821343d ago

Yeah I would like a Twilight Princess HD remaster as well. Would also like a skyward sword remaster that I can use the pro controller on.

towelie12881343d ago

lol i am currenty playing Twilight princess right now on my wii u
so i kinda dont want this to happen lol but i kinda do lol

Lon3wolf1343d ago

TP in HD would be great I have seen vids of it running on Dolphin and would love to play it remastered/remade on Wii-U.

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