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As more and more zombie-survival and zombie-focused titles are huddling together, the genre has almost become a reflection of itself: shambling and worn-out, yet the hordes of titles with some variation on “dead” in the title just keep on coming.

Though many titles within the past decade, like Left 4 Dead, Call of Duty‘s various zombie modes, Day Z, The Last of Us, and more have been some of the most popular titles to have players hack away at the end dead, finding ways to keep the dead fresh (already difficult due to the smell alone, I’m sure) is much easier said than done.
This all makes Dying Light a more curious entry in the zombie canon. It ticks off all the usual boxes of what’s in a zombie-centric game — horribly ravaged environments, a loss of hope, humans struggling for survival.

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jriquelme_paraguay1343d ago

This game at least is a 7.5...
sites need to drop the Scores on Review.
Really love this game, for me: 9/10

KnightRobby1343d ago

Same! Loving it so far <3

Dudebro901343d ago

So because you don't agree with the score...sites should drop review scores?

How about we just let everyone have an opinion...

JMaine5181343d ago

I personally though it was a 8.5 but to each his own.

nucky641343d ago

I'd say it's a 9.5 - I've had a lot of fun with this game.

gangsta_red1343d ago

A six? I'm going to have to strongly disagree with this score. I think an 8 is deserved, Dying Light is some of the best fun I have had so far this gen..and when you get to have other players with you it becomes a blast.

I love the traversing around the area too, and when you get the grappling hook...oh man does this game become even more fun.

TearsOfARapper841343d ago

I miss when reviews were based off specific categories like: Graphics, Gameplay, Sound, Replayability, etc. rather than just a number pulled out of a general opinion.

Kingdomcome2471343d ago

I may be in the minority, but I still really enjoy Game Informer's reviews due in part to exactly what you've mentioned.
OT: I don't agree with this score, but oh well.

TearsOfARapper841343d ago

Unless I'm really torn on getting a game, that's usually the only part of the GI review I'll read! Sums up everything I want to know, I'll judge the rest from there.

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The story is too old to be commented.