Tales From the Bargain Bin: Anarchy Reigns

Tim Allen, GIZORAMA - "Platinum Games, the eccentric Japanese developer behind titles such as Bayonetta, Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance, and The Wonderful 101 exist in kind of a strange space for a Japanese niche studio: better-regarded than Grasshopper but not quite as beloved as Atlus (the guys behind those Persona games your RPG friends won’t shut up about), with the majority of their games existing in this sort of “yeah, that was pretty good” space. A new Platinum game comes out, the Internet gets pretty excited, it gets a lot of 6/10-7/10 scores (except Bayonetta 2, weirdly), and it winds up being pretty cheap after a few months so GameStop can make room for more used copies of Destiny. Or at least that’s how it worked when I used to work at video game stores. Perfectly into that little bucket fell poor Anarchy Reigns."

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gangsta_red2356d ago

This is probably the only game from Platinum that I didn't really care for. I loved the fighting and the humor but I got pretty tired of it after a while.