Multiverse Studio Unveils its Ninja Gaiden Ryu Statue

EB: "Multiverse Studio, a leading toy manufacture, announced today that it has partnered with Koi Tecmo America to release collectible toys based on the Ninja Gaiden franchise. The first collaboration will be a highly detailed and authentic looking statue of Ryu Hayabusa, the franchise’s badass ninja master.

The statue stands at 13-inches tall and will have LED lights to add a bit of ambience to it while on display, which can be powered via USB or AC power."

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Reboots In The Works For Tecmo Classics – Dead or Alive And Ninja Gaiden

Two of Tecmo's classic series, Dead or Alive and Ninja Gaiden, are getting new games with a possible reboot of both series.

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Seth_hun313d ago

Why do we need a remake of Dead or Alive, instead of a new installment in the series ?

blackblades313d ago (Edited 313d ago )

There's no remake it says reboot. There is a difference just like a difference with remaster as well. They all have re doesn't mean they are the same. They want to reboot and start fresh after both series with South. With there success with nioh series it might be a good idea and hopefully goes well for them and the games.

Crows90313d ago

Reboot ala tomb raider...i don't think you have a problem with that.

Number1TailzFan313d ago

Fighting games are too shallow, they were good at first.. up til around Tekken 3 and Soul Calibur on Dreamcast, because they had a ton of extra modes and challenges and stuff. Everything after is basically the same, or with even less content.

Terry_B313d ago

Sounds like you did not play a lot of fighting games after SC 1.

FinalFantasyFanatic313d ago

Really? I feel like they add way too many systems and options to some of the newer games. Like Soul Calibur 6 for example, feels like they'res just too much going on, whereas I loved 2 and memorized all the skills and options for my favorite characters, played through most of the modes as well.

boing1313d ago

Been playing Tekken for almost 30 years. It's the opposite of shallow.

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New Ninja Gaiden Game Could Be Outsourced to Different Developer

A new Ninja Gaiden game could be outsourced to another developer, but only if it's one that fits the Ninja Gaiden pedigree.

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blackblades367d ago

Eh, beside team ninja, its platinum games and both could do good but also bad going by there history. Dmc5 devs is another or a Namco team.


What Happened to Ninja Gaiden?

Ninja Gaiden is a classic franchise that originated on the NES. It was successfully remastered in the mid-2000s but then faded away. What happened?

lucian229437d ago

Yup; it needs a revamp anyway; combat was good but story was a mess; and for some reason they made Ryu hideous; he was fine in DOA2-3, i'm not sure why they made him look like an older generic plastic man.

shadowfax33436d ago

Stranger of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin