Is Harmonix About to Reveal the Next Rock Band? "A Twitter account called lifelower that focuses mostly on new Xbox Live Arcade releases had two very interesting tweets today: The first simply posted a video of the upcoming March cover of EDGE magazine featuring Fable Legends, easily confirmed with a simple trip over to the magazine's website. The second, though, was much more cryptic, featuring a dial on an amp turning to 10 and teasing a reveal date of March 12 that could imply a new Rock Band title."

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WeAreLegion1343d ago

I can't wait!!! I need a new Rock Band in my life.

nevin11343d ago

I never picked up the drums during the Guitar Hero/Rock Band era, so if a new ones comes, I might pick it up.

crazychris41241343d ago

Rock Band was such a great game when you had a bunch of people over.

telekineticmantis1343d ago

Hey, just allow me to use my Rocksmith stuff. I have the USB already.

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