SWTOR Side-Scrolling

SWTOR Strategies: "Who remembers the GameBoy Advance? We might be showing our ages here but I actually still have mine. That used to be one of my most prized possessions, I admit it. Anyway, imagine if we had SWTOR for the GBA? It might look something like this side-scrolling version here"

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NiteX1397d ago

Add a bit of 16-bit flavoring and then I would agree it would look like a GBA game. The real question is who remembers the very first GameBoy? Damn I still remembering getting the GameBoy Color upgrade and being so excited for that.

aconnellan1396d ago

I remember the good old GameBoy Pocket (you know, the one that wouldn't actually fit in your pocket?). I still have my GameBoy Colour, so good :')

Kleptic1396d ago (Edited 1396d ago )

I still have my original Gameboy, the ridiculous screen magnifying thing w/ lighting (for using the GB at night, i guess), and 2 games...Tetris, which it came with, and Metroid II, the return of Samus...

sadly, the gameboy and light screen thing stopped working over 20 years ago...left some bad batteries in it for too long when i was a kid, and they corroded/destroyed the terminals on both devices...tried cleaning them a while ago, but no luck...

couldn't bring myself to throw it away...not even sure if the games still work, either...weirdly, i still have my original Game Gear also, with 10 games...and everything with that still works, except the official wall power supply...I was playing The Majors: Pro Baseball, NBA Jam, and G-Loc Air Battle a couple of weeks ago...The majors and NBA Jam are still a lot of fun...G-Loc still is, and always has been, one of the worst games to ever exist imo...

kamper1397d ago

Reminds me of Jedi Power Battles a little bit.

lotta1397d ago

You mean Jedi Jumping Battles?

kamper1397d ago

Not going to lie. I had the Mega Man X intro stage music going while I watched this.

megatron007331397d ago

Really reminds me of Super Star Wars on SNES. That shit was amazing.

nortel1397d ago

This is amazing! How did you do this?

lotta1397d ago

Just go to Preferences > Controls > Disable Smart Camera. Position camera from any direction you want and it'll stay that way when you move forward.

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