Sonic Needs to Return to its Roots

With Sonic Boom, Sonic was not Sonic, Sonic was a bad impersonation of himself.

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ZeekQuattro1341d ago

Unfortunately with Sega's renewed focus on mobile gaming and staff cuts I highly doubt this will happen. Sega is in a world of hurt right now.

pwnsause_returns1341d ago (Edited 1341d ago )

those idiots brought it on themselves. They know what we want, but they refuse to give us what we want. I dont mind if they crumble at this point. IF they wanted to die out, so be it. Its not the consumers fault that they:

-Not give us a damn good Sonic Game
-Did not Import PSO2 to the west
-Bring Back Shenmue
-Bring Back Valkyria CHronicles

Hell, this is SEGA we're talking about. they have so many IPs that people still enjoy to this day, games like, Golden axe, Alex kidd, Comix Zone, SEGA Rally, Super Monoco GP, Outrun, Hang On, After Burner,space harrier, Blazing Heroes, Altered Beast, Crazy Taxi, Daytona USA, Initial-D, Panzer Dragoon, **BREATHES**, Shining Force, Super Monkey Ball, Virtua Cop, Virtua Fighter, Virtua Tennis, Yakuza, Space Channel 5, Sega GT, Samba De Amigo, Gunstar Heroes,skies of arcadia, Ghost Squad, Ecco the Dolphin, Seaman (YES,SEAMAN, would be interesting to see with next-gen consoles with their cameras), Jet Set Radio, House of the Dead, SEGAGAGAGA (one of their last games on the dreamcast in Japan, which was pretty good) and MANY MANY MANY MORE!

And they're telling me that they rather make a S**ty sonic game than to try to at least reboot one of these games that I just mentioned?

Hell, just with the arcade games I just mentioned, they can make back money just for re-releasing them on PSN/XBL/Nintendo Store/PC, Or just Remake/reboot them on these machines and im sure the cost of these games would be cheap to make.

I grew up playing Genesis/game gear/ saturn and dereamcast games back at the time, and their games really made my childhood completely happy and unforgettable at the time. It pisses me off that they've hit this low with their trashy sonic games, games that the Sonic IP itself does not deserve to have...Jesus...

Keep in mind, the name "Sonic Boom" was the name they where apparently going to name as the replacement for the name "Sonic Extreme" for the saturn, before they cancelled that game. its sad that this name was given to a crappy sonic game that was made for the Wii U, a game Wii U owners don't deserve having after getting a pretty decent game like Sonic Colors.

This is one of the reasons why i was frightened they bought out ATLUS. They dont deserve that acquisition. in fact its like they want to take out someone with them.....Im really afraid of that right now....

ZeekQuattro1341d ago

Well said. I grew up with Nintendo and Sega consoles as well and to a lesser extent Atari because my older brother had a 2600. Sega used to be great. These days they have some pretty decent games every now and then but those get overshadowed by the glut of shitty games they publish or make themselves. This has been a long time coming so I kinda don't care anymore. I saw it coming a mile away as even games that seemed popular failed sales wise. Vanquish and Valkyria Chronicles come to mind. Having back to back flops is what made them go 3rd party in the first place. The only thing that worries me now is they bought Atlus and I don't need them being pulled down with Sega.

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wonderfulmonkeyman1341d ago

Lost World, Colors, and Generations were all pretty good games.
I think if Sega did more in the same vein as those, but with less focus on side characters and plot and more focus on the action, the series could see a resurgence.