Will Microsoft's Windows 10 Win With PC Gamers?

After attending Microsoft’s Windows 10 event in Redmond last month, Patrick Moorhead wrote a bit about Microsoft’s Windows 10 for consumers, enterprises and on the Surface Hub and HoloLens.

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stragomccloud1343d ago

Only if they start giving the pc platform more support.

Pandamobile1343d ago

99% of PC gamers could probably care less about Microsoft's support to gaming. We just want Win 10 to quietly serve our needs as users and to not get in the way of anything.

DX12 and Win 10 being free are a good start to get gamers on board. Hololens should be exciting as well.

originalJerryB1343d ago

Anything to get away from the current monstrosity!

Stiffler1343d ago (Edited 1343d ago )


Acutally, 8.1 is currently better than Win7. Its been tweaked and tuned accordingly. It manages resources far more efficiently, it's responsive, smooth. You name it. The majority that currently HAVE it, love it.

It's great that they're actually learning from the Win8 Vanilla downfall and listening to their customers.

Some people just love to whine, but hey, that's ok. Y'all can whine while I enjoy the OS and everything it has to offer.

If it's any consolation, the Windows 10 preview program has been going great and proves that Microsoft have been listening to concerns and adapting them this time.

Gonna be sweet when it releases alongside DX12.
E: special spelling!

freshslicepizza1343d ago

they will win with pc gamers if they open up that walled garden. one example is allowing games to be streamed to windows 10 devices from your windows 10 pc.

if they really wanted to get some attention they would have pc/xbox one games with one purchase price. meaning you but the game that is available on both like the upcoming fable and it can be used on the pc or the xbox one without the need to buy separately. if windows 10 is truly an all in one model then what's the problem? of course this would be entirely up to the publisher but microsoft should be leading by example. problem is it will always be limited because they have a vested interest ion selling xbox systems.

mhunterjr1343d ago (Edited 1343d ago )

What does that even mean?

PC gamers overwhelmingly game on windows PCs. The only question is which version of windows they choose to run. They don't need MS to make games software in orders make the upgrade to Win10... They just need a compelling reason to upgrade...

The fact that the upgrade is free, and supports Dx12 almost gauruntees that it will be a hit with PC gamers.

Roccetarius1342d ago

You forget that it actually needs to be made for Desktops as well, instead of a multi-device OS with backwards decisions for that crowd.

mhunterjr1342d ago


What backwards decisions are you talking about?

Look at the previews... It functions as well for desktop use as it does for other form factors. I don't see anyone running preview builds complaining...

N4g_null1343d ago

If hololens does what it says then yes.

snookiegamer1343d ago

Morehead rides again!

Yup Win-Win for both PC/X1

Dlacy13g1343d ago (Edited 1343d ago )

Windows 10 will succeed with gamers and everyone else if its received overall as a good OS and an improvement no just from Window 8 but also Windows 7. I don't think its a gaming specific argument for will it win gamers over...its a queston of: is it good as my everyday / everything OS?

Maxor1343d ago

It doesn't have to win. Winning is not required, Steam already has that down. All it needs to do is to not suck and annoy the user base with senseless crap nobody wants.

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