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Sophie Halliday writes: As a fan of fantasy genre games and RPGs in general, I was surprised how little time I put into the original Blackguards. On the surface it had a lot of appeal, but its frustrating dice-roll combat system and spikes in difficulty led me to move on from the game. Still, I welcomed the opportunity to play Daedalic’s sequel, Blackguards 2, with cautious optimism. It was my hope that some of the things that held back the first game would be fixed, and that this new entry into the Blackguards series would be an improved, less-cumbersome offering. While some things have definitely changed for the better, unfortunately there are still some significant playability problems with the franchise.

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I actually like the randomness of dice rolls, so I will check this out.


Blackguards 2 - Review Rush

Three years have passed since Count Uria´s plots. The Vanquishers of the Nine Hordes long parted ways but life in Aventuria went on. Cassia, a young woman of noble descent, has only one goal: She wants to claim the Shark Throne, no matter the price

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Blackguards 2 Switch Review - A Portable Classic Strategy RPG - The Koalition

Danny Martinez of The Koalition writes: The original Blackguards 2 was released in 2015 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC by developers Daedalic Entertainment. I mention this immediately because those who are looking for a modern story, RPG mechanics, and graphics will not find that with this game.

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A great RPG that is now worth checking out on the go.


Blackguards 2 (Switch) Review - Scratch the Seven Year Itch | COGconnected

Blackguards 2 is a turn-based tactical RPG with a high fantasy setting originally released in 2015, now ported to the Nintendo Switch.

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