Driveclub's PS Plus version needs a lot of server development; Dev working with new manufacturers

Evolution Studios has spoken out on Twitter about the highly anticipated PS Plus version for the game that was promised a long time ago. The version for PS Plus owners remains a point of debate for a lot of players.

The developer has also stated that they are working with NEW manufacturers to introduce new cars to Driveclub.

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Snookies121342d ago

I got tired of waiting and just rented it. The game is certainly a lot of fun, it's a shame they couldn't get things together sooner for the PS+ version.

G20WLY1342d ago (Edited 1342d ago )

You're right, the game's great. They screwed up at launch, but fixed it and added SO much more for free.

Outside of principal though, why would anyone care about the PS+ version now? It was only ever going to be a few cars and tracks - you can get more than that RIGHT NOW through SharePlay for FREE!

You can also pick it up cheap if you shop around, since it's already a sales success. They have tonnes more content scheduled right up to June this year. It's great value and great fun.

tbone5671342d ago Show
G20WLY1342d ago (Edited 1342d ago )

^'re usually cooler than this, Silent.

It's okay for you to disagree, but after being jaded by the early reviews, it was playing the game through SharePlay (coupled with the issues being fixed and more content/features being added) that was the reason I bought it, so it seems reasonable that others might benefit from trying it too.

You're free stay on your high horse, seething at the fact you were wronged, shaking your fist at the world and yelling "fanboy!" at anyone with a different view. It's your loss, but I respect your opinion - perhaps you could respect mine next time.

SilentNegotiator1341d ago

What opinion? You're just downplaying Sony failing to provide something that they promised. That's something that a fanboy does, plain and simple.

The PS+ edition was supposed to have ALL of the game modes, online capability, and a limited amount of cars/track, all on launch day.

I'm not going to shareplay it or rent it to "decide" if I'm going to buy the full game. I am not going to shareplay it every time I want to play it. Those are not solutions to Sony not providing the PS+ edition.

G20WLY1341d ago

Did you let your hormonal 12 year old access your N4G account? What's with the hostility and lack of comprehension? How did I offend you to that degree? I think you're having a bad day, mate.

Check my history if you must; I was (I AM!) as appalled as everyone else at how badly they dropped the ball on this one. First the delay, then the launch issues AND no PS+ DC Lite! It sucks. For the same reason, I bought Skyrim a year later than the rest of the world, once they'd put the time in to actually make it work properly.

There's no way they'll expect people to forgive and forget - they HAVE to do something by way of recompense. They've screwed up plenty before and are pretty good at making good in the end - but I wouldn't deny myself the game in the meantime, now it works so well.

Ever heard of the phrase cutting your nose of to spite your face? You've got that nailed. Maybe do your fingers next and save me the pain of reading your inevitable rabid response.

SilentNegotiator1341d ago (Edited 1341d ago )

It's cute that you think calling strangers on the internet 12 year olds makes you seem mature. If anyone is posting hostile, immature comments, it's you. I just told it like it is.

G20WLY1341d ago (Edited 1341d ago )

Again with the comprehension issues...You're right though, I sunk to your level and I should learn from that. I took the bait. You win. ;)

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Insomnia_841342d ago

It's a shame you didn't BUY the game.

theshonen88991342d ago (Edited 1342d ago )

How on Earth is that any of your business?

DeadlyFire1342d ago (Edited 1342d ago )

I think its intentional. Either way. It will probably come around the time GT7 gets shown off. I will probably buy the game before then. I was not 100% waiting for the game. Just lack of funds.

C-H-E-F1342d ago

Yeah, I just bought it. I wanted the PS plus version to try it first; but I needed a racer, i needed my fix.

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Ashlen1342d ago

At this point I will be disappointed with anything less than the full game free for PlayStation plus members.

VER1ON1342d ago

Something I get the feeling the version won't be released at all. They really missed the boat with the plus version - nice idea but poor realisation.

billybehr1342d ago

I agree. I have a feeling it won't see the light of day.

pecorre1342d ago

So, the fact that they botched the release of a demo entitles you to the full game?

ExPresident1342d ago

I agree with pecorre on this one.

They never even offered the full game for PS+, just a limited version of it. At most, and this is just trying to play the middle ground, I think Sony could establish a monetary value of the limited title they were going to offer and give you the equivalent of that in PS+ days which wouldn't be much, but personally I don't even agree with that.

It is possible to demand to much and break the bank and gamers need to start realizing that. I'm not trying to be Sony's defender here, but any company can only cave to so much entitlement before they start passing the cost down on other things and by then gamers will have shot themselves in the foot over it.

An example of this is the second wave of 'compensation' for the 2011 PSN down time. When that downtime happened many people got more than 4 free games out of the deal, far more value than the actual downtime would have cost them for membership. Yet Sony not only lost, but offered more for that loss again. I didn't even claim anything the second time around because it just felt wrong.

kurruptor1342d ago

Sony used the "PS Plus" version of this game to sell PS4 systems and to get people to sign up for PS Plus. It is way more than a demo.

We're approaching 18 months late for that promise.

That is why some people think they are owed something, and I can't say they're wrong.

creeping judas1342d ago (Edited 1342d ago )

@kurruptor, if you got PS+ just for a demo version of DriveClub, and not for the fact that you need PS+ now to play online, then there is more wrong with that line of reasoning then just entitlement!!

The DriveClub demo was going to be just icing on the cake.

SilentNegotiator1342d ago (Edited 1342d ago )

Stop downplaying it as a "demo".

It has all of the game modes and online capabilities. That is NOT a mere demo where I come from.

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medman1342d ago (Edited 1342d ago )

I'm sure it will be in the free games offering for psplus at some point, but it won't be anytime soon. If you're hoping for it in the next few months, it's not going to happen. That would enrage the people who went out and supported it from launch day up until this point...the dev doesn't want, or need, that headache on top of the dismal launch problems the game had. The earliest I could see it coming to psplus is holiday 2015, but more likely in early 2016.

yarbie10001342d ago

'If you wanna go play Driveclub, go buy the full game. We've figured out how to build the full game, we just can figure out how to get the demo working that you were promi$ed before launch'

MrSec841342d ago

To be fair the full game probably wouldn't have the amount of users that the PS Plus addition would and all of those gamers all of a sudden using the servers would be a hell of a hit to the load they can handle.

If Evolution had issues with fewer people, then they'll get nothing but problems if they had to deal with double, triple or beyond that level of traffic.

Right now they've finally got the game working well with regular users, it's not surprising they'd want to make sure paying customers for the game they developed won't have problems.
Paying customers for a full retail game should always come first!

VER1ON1342d ago

Agreed, I don't know the numbers on the retail version and the ammount of users that would be playing the plus version though. Goes without saying that Plus members are paying customers as well. Maybe not the retail price but still.

freshslicepizza1342d ago

and that's how things stand. you have driveclub supporters basically telling everyone just to ignore the plus version now and buy the game. sure it sounds like a good game but it's just insane that after a year delay here we are almost 6 months after that delayed launch and they still can't get the servers running well enough to add it. to add insult to injury sony also has multiplayer behind a paywall now.

ignore the plus version, drop the price to $29.99 on the online shop with all content included and make the game free to play without the need to be a plus member.

xetiro1342d ago

The core problem is not fixed yet!

The server code they wrote at the core of the system failed at launch where userbase was below 1 million. Current userbase is below 2 million and the core problem is not yet fixed.

So why do you think that a free PS+ version to a 15 million userbase will work just fine?

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KillerPwned1342d ago

Eh maybe when its on sale I'll get it. Sadly no where to rent the game.

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