Diablo 3 – First Time Playing From A WoW Player

IM PLAYIN discuss Diablo III from the perspective of a WoW player.

"World of Warcraft was one of those games a few years ago that you had to play. You like MMOs? Play WoW. You want to be addicted to a game? Play WoW. You want to lose hours/days/weeks of your life being totally engrossed in raiding? Well, you know where I’m heading. I’ve really started banging out the hours on Diablo 3 on my console; a game I had previously tried for a very short period on my laptop, but never got too engrossed with – luckily as at this time, my subscription to World of Warcraft was keeping Blizzard in the black. I consider Diablo 3 the first game on the PlayStation 4 that I’ve fallen in love with – and it’s due to how much depth there is in the game."

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kurruptor1342d ago

I think my days are numbered on this site. You have to dig through garbage to find real news.

Do we really need an article like this for a nearly 3 year old game?

This is a "NEWS" site. I know there are categories for these submissions, like audio/video/image/opinion, but that still doesn't mean those things should be considered some kind of news. Such as an opinion on news, or an unreleased screenshot.

anticlimax1342d ago

With that attitude, one can question whether reviews are news.

Instead of a 'news' site, consider it a video game journalism site.

There is enough crappy journalism on here (like slideshow articles) to avoid criticizing opinion pieces for the sake of it.

kurruptor1342d ago

I wish reviews would go away as well. They are annoying as well. New game comes out and front page is just 10 reviews for the same game.

Maybe they should have a sister site "JFG" journalism for gamers.