Inside Xbox One: the interview with Brad Wardell and clarifications on DirectX 12

GDC 2015 will truly be an event not to be missed. Microsoft will show a lot of interesting things on the PC as on Xbox One. Cross-play future games, cloud computing, DX12 work on Xbox One and more.

The prolific boys of The Inner Circle have released last week, more precisely Saturday, February 7, a tasty interview talkative Brad Wardell, Stardock boss, software house very operational in respect of the 3D engine and development tools for video games...

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ThinkThink3415d ago (Edited 3415d ago )

Great interview and very informative. I expect two weeks worth of news articles to come from this on n4g.

Software_Lover3415d ago

2 weeks........ You obviously haven't been here long.

I say a full month.

xx4xx3415d ago

....and since it's Microsoft, regardless of content, nobody will read the articles but will still post negative comments.

JMyers3415d ago

So negative comments are reserved for MS only on here?

UltraNova3415d ago

Hmmm I can recall just from the top of my head about 155 negative pieces JUST for the order 1886 let alone the whole ps4 ecosystem.

JMyers, let it go dude.

MadLad3415d ago

I'm sure Gaming Bolt will pick this up, slam their hands against the keyboard for a couple minutes, then make about ten articles on this one interview, spanning about 14 pages each.
One or two sentences per page, of course.

user55757083415d ago

hmm he states that with dx12 the 900p issues should end. maybe fans can finally stop getting the short end of the stick now

UltraNova3415d ago (Edited 3415d ago )

Yeah you are right its about time PS4 owners stop getting the short end of the stick by this parity bullshit. See what I did there?

Both sides will benefit if indeed DX12 makes a tangible difference.

Automatic793415d ago

Inner Circle is truly for the Xbox community I love it.

BallsEye3414d ago (Edited 3414d ago )

rather a month of articles saying how xbox one is weak and how dx12 does nothing. Just to cover up the good news.

"In short, Wardell says openly that the use of old engines are limiting especially on Xbox One, a hardware "different kind" (perhaps because it was designed with DX12 in mind?) who struggles to support tool not modern. Hence the resolution-gate"


NerdStalker3414d ago

"rather a month of articles saying how xbox one is weak and how dx12 does nothing. Just to cover up the good news"

We've had a few years of you blabbing on about how you hate ps4.

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kevnb3415d ago (Edited 3415d ago )

That hurt my eyes, ancient frostbite 3 engine... Come on.

Cherchez La Ghost3415d ago

In a nutshell for those who don't want to click for the article...,

In summary then:

-Xbox One launched ahead of schedule, to avoid giving too much advantage to Sony PS4 with which he had already planned everything in detail, however, being the result of a project, however old, closer to the PC market than on the console.

-Xbox One was deprived of adequate tools and APIs. Just think that only recently with the arrival of the latest DX 11.3 and new development kit has arrived to have titles of a certain thickness (2 Forza Horizon, Sunset Overdrive) and many identical counterparts for PS4. Why Ryse is, today, one of the titles most impressive technically? Because of CryEngine, as well as for proprietary tools Microsoft, such as FH2 and 343 Industries (have seen Halo 4 on One?).

-One APIs are anything but low-level, and still trudging to exploit adequately the console hardware.

Hmm, I guess DX12 was the reason for MS slogan "Built for the future" slogan back in '13. I hope we can see some more at GDC coming up.

mkis0073415d ago (Edited 3415d ago )

Ryse isn't technically impressive, just visually. No physics system and when you swing your sword it goes through the environment, the world around you doesn't know your there. Saved a lot of performance by leaving those out. I bought it for the setting.

TheRedButterfly3415d ago

The technical hoops that Crytek had to jump through in order to achieve such graphical capabilities on the less-than-low-level API the XO had at launch are the impressive technical aspects.

Software_Lover3415d ago

I said it when the Xbox One launched that it only launched when it did because Sony caught them off guard.

I was of course disagreed with and bubbled down but whatever. N4G doesn't affect my real life lol.

gangsta_red3415d ago

Yes, I am starting to learn a lot about how this bubble system truly works.

It was pretty obvious that the Xbox One was launched way ahead of schedule and for that matter even Sony's PS4 to a lesser extent.

But the X1 most definitely, we can see with the all the updates and even DX12 coming so late in the game. I wonder just how early MS had to launch Xbox One and what was their original expected launch date?

jhoward5853415d ago

Good read.
Based on this article, tiled resources is the key to making DX12 work more efficiently. The reduction of textures memory size sent to the ESRAM will help in a big way. I guess that what the decoder LZ77-compression suppose to do.

halfblackcanadian3415d ago

I think the speed of GDDR3 will utilize this API well, but I think Azure processing is where the tiled resources will shine

halfblackcanadian3415d ago

Sure, yeah. Sorry.

All I'm saying is that the faster RAM will make good use of all the draw calls and such going from CPU to GPU

UltraNova3415d ago (Edited 3415d ago )


If you increase the speed limit(i.e draw calls)on the highway that leads in the city (i.e GPU) while the city's entrance (GPU controller)speed limit cannot be changed will the number of cars that get in the city increase? No you will end up with a bigger bottleneck.

If we assume that the bandwidth and potential draw calls are underused then yes we might see some increase in performance but as we all know console coding is already close to metal meaning that most of the data that can be sent to the GPU are already been sent.

I'm not saying it wont help the XB1 on the contrary DX12 will make it more efficient in running a better optimized code but it will not do miracles some people are so naively rushing to believe.

senis_kenis3415d ago (Edited 3415d ago )

Textures are not sent to sram, they are directly fed to gpu tmu's from ddr3. Render targets or most of them are in esram and dx12 will not fix small sram size, low resolution or inferior gpu. Even microsoft admitted that dx12 will have low impact on xbone, most gains will be on pc. And forget about tiled resources being exclusive to bone, ps4 has it too it just called differently - Partially Resident Textures (PRT). It has the same GCN based GPU remember? And by the way prepare your self for halo an QB at 720p, MisterXMedia brainwashed poor souls.

LoydX-mas3415d ago

its as though you didn't read the article at all.
-the Xbox One is dual lane and has two graphic compute processors and two command compute processors......something the PS4 clearly does not have. So the "inferior" GPU argument is not relevant, it is a GPU built specifically for DX12 and the benefits it will bring.

OR- do you honestly believe that MS built a brand new gaming console at the same time they were developing a new API(DX12) and forgot to make the console take complete advantage of the new API?? It is called Xbox because of the original name DirectXbox.

No_Limit3415d ago

Great find LoydX,

DON'T forget that MS spent over 3 billion Benjamins to have AMD to built them the custom GPU chips and no doubt all the dominos will fall when DX12 and Windows 10 arrive.

TheRedButterfly3414d ago


You know, I always kind of hoped that your breed of fanboy would actually be willing to... you know, acknowledge when a fact had been presented to you...

What a fool I was to think that you'd be willing to deviate from your agenda, even when you know what you're saying is a straight-up falsehood. *sigh*

senis_kenis3414d ago (Edited 3414d ago )

@LoydX-mas ps4 has 2 gcp's and 8 ace's, while xbone 2 gcp's 2 ace's. Stop commenting on something you don't have clue about. This thread has gone fool retard, keep waiting for secret source... xbone gpu is inferior in every way. period. No api will fix that, because ps4 can already do everything dx12 will offer via GNM.