Forza Horizon 4 PC File Size Revealed - Windows Store Reveals All

If you are curious about the file size, Forza Horizon 4 PC File Size is now out there and should give you an idea of how massive the game is.

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TheColbertinator207d ago

90GB is quickly becoming the standard now. Even my 4TB is feeling the pinch of increasingly larger games.

4blender207d ago

this game is no online modes, not interesting, so dont buy

Gunstar75206d ago

What the feck is he on about? 😂😂😂

mcstorm206d ago

Do you want to give us alittle more than no online modes? Can't work out what that means. As for the size of the game as it's 4k this is starting to become the Normal size of games also shows us there is not much need for a disk nowadays. I know people want to keep them for trade ins ect but last disk I got for the Xbox one was Forza 6 and that was because my other half got it me. Going to be interesting over the next few years to see who moves away from disks and who stays after the big kickoff at Microsoft at the beginning of this gen.

4blender206d ago

if you want good multiplayer racing game wrong game is here, forza series is no online modes, if you finish forza game drop to trash

mcstorm206d ago

? How? MP keeps both horizon and Motorsport going.

Razzer206d ago

Forza has always had online modes.

Father__Merrin206d ago

This should be Xbox one exclusive only. I don't see why they putting it out on PC

Gunstar75206d ago

Why not? The more people who get to play this game the better. It's gonna be the best racer this gen.

Anyone disagreeing, please tell me what's better.

Father__Merrin206d ago

What's better is this should be on Xbox console only. Buy putting it on pc there giving less reasons to anyone wanting to buy an Xbox.

I'm sure if Xbox one commercial reception was swapped with PS4 you wouldn't have found any play anywhere nonsense.

Razzer206d ago

To make money and expand gaming on Windows 10. What is it that you don't understand? Meh....doesn't matter. Stay confused. I'll enjoy this and all the other MS games on my PC. You wishing I couldn't doesn't change anything.