High Quality Killzone 2 Screenshots

You may or may not have seen these images, but if you have they were probably either bad scans or blurry/blocky pics. DGB got a hold of high quality versions you won't want to miss.

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jwatt4467d ago

When he reloads his weapon thats the most realistic lighting I have ever scene.

sunnygrg4467d ago

damn, those are some highly detailed guns.

Bolts4467d ago

KZ2 rendering seems to be very similar to MGS4. In MGS4 the highest resolution object would be Snake, in KZ 2 its obviously your gun. Its a great visual trick and a smart way to make the most outta 512 RAM of memory. Since you spend a huge amount of time shooting things through your gun the game looks great and you don't notice the average textures resolution of the other objects.

Kleptic4467d ago

fair enough^^^...but it almost sounds like you are saying the only reason KZ2 looks good is because the gun has very high res textures...or that MGS4 looks good because snake has so much detail...

KZ2 has unmatched particle effects so far...unmatched lighting (by far)...and a physics based hit response system that makes every other shooter so far seem ridiculously cheesy...I think those 'tricks' are working pretty well too...let alone the insanely awesome looking gun detail...

the animation, lighting, and particle effects look to rival PC may only be 720p, but it looks to be raising the bar in some areas for the entire genre, not just consoles...

Panthers4467d ago

Amazing. Just hope it is a lot harder in the final version. Of course games are completely different on hard.

thesummerofgeorge4467d ago

That video was awesome, game looks stunning. I hope the AI is improved though, looked a little easy. maybe it's just me.

INehalemEXI4467d ago

<-Is Impressed, As always with KZ2

thor4467d ago

Of course it would look easy, they usually put it on easiest setting if they are demoing a game.

pwnsause4467d ago

best part of that video look at the top of it, it say "Pre-Alpha Code" so when the the game goes gold, dont be surprised if the game has surpassed the trailer or was able to capture at least 99% of it.

badz1494467d ago

spot on over there buddy! it's already looking AMAZING and it's just pre-Alpha code?? wow, just WOW!!

thesummerofgeorge4467d ago (Edited 4467d ago )

Really? it didn't seem like a demo to me, it seemed like people were just playing it... Either way, I'm sure it'll be a non-issue by release date with a game of this caliber.

whoknew4466d ago

Give the game to an independent source, not paid by sony to love the game no matter what. Then we can really see what it's all about. Until then I reserve any judgement on the game. After the massive let down of MGS, I no longer trust sony & their army of paid reviewers.

xionpunk4466d ago

@ whoknew
You were disappointed by MGS? You can't be reasoned with.

Lyan4466d ago

Can I get in on some of this shmoozing? Wheres my love for loving sony!?

ThanatosDMC4466d ago

Check out the phantom disagrees! Wow, why the hate?

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Silogon4467d ago

I'd love to see something more than industrial warehouses for once. where the hell is the diversity in this game? Everything I've seen is in a warehouse or around one.

A forest, a running stream of water, a city street, man anything would do me right about now. It seems this game all takes place in one location and that's it.

I hope it gets better.

Blademask4467d ago

You have seen one part of a level.. since 2005.

Silogon4467d ago (Edited 4467d ago )

Ok, so you all don't want a different level? You don't want diversity? You'd like it to take place in the same drab location all throughout the game? You idiots don't even know what you're disagreeing with anymore.

crimsonfox4467d ago

dude you try to support sony and all games till you got bubbles back and now you have bubbles and talk out of your butt hole

your annoying

Silogon4467d ago (Edited 4467d ago )

I could give a piss less about these bubbles, ya dorks. I find it hilarious that you morons like to disagree with logic. nothing on n4g makes sense, though.

If it did you all would stop blindly supporting consoles.

Edit to below:

Well that is reassuring to say the least. thank you for that info cause I don't have a sub to EGM. I'm sure the game is going to be a visual master piece cause it looks great in motion, but the same setting we've seen so far is taxing to say the least.

sunnygrg4467d ago

If you have read the latest edition of EGM (and this is for everyone else too), it states that not all levels of the game will look so .. bleak. Some levels will feature the natural beauty of Helghan.

Ali_The_Brit4467d ago

my guess is they dont WANT to show anything else at this point, maybe closer to the time they will but for now i see no reason why they should so early on, oh and is it true you own a PS3?

crimsonfox4467d ago

shut your mouth we know you just talk crap ever since people dont have to click on your name to see what blasphemies you speak you have gone to limits of a sickass fan boy but only until you lose all you bubbles again you wont have anything worth saying my ignore list

254467d ago (Edited 4467d ago )

i thought you were done with sony? so what are you doing on this thread?
microsoft isn't offering anything interesting?

NegativeCreep4274467d ago (Edited 4467d ago )

If diversity really was you're persuasion, you wouldn't even approve of what the Halo franchise offers, but then again the PS3 double-standards continue on...

juuken4467d ago

...Do you have some kind of a disorder or something?

Blademask4467d ago

The developers have already said there are more levels to the game with different designs.

I dont assume that the same level i've seen since 2005.. is the entire game. Thats your job.

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MasterChief28294467d ago

2 Comments, no approvals? >.>

mesh14467d ago

im a ps3 owner and i must say the game look sok but the enviroments looks bland the texture are so low similar to when i play mgs4 the envioropments lack good quality textures

fury4467d ago

lol...tell us another...

MasterChief28294467d ago

Who disagreed with me, it really wasn't getting approved before, lol

omni_atlas4467d ago

do you think they could add a little more color to the game? I don't know why, impressive as it is, I'm more looking forward to resistance 2 then KZ2.

El_Colombiano4467d ago

So you'd want them to ruin the atmosphere of the game? Serious question.

Omegasyde4467d ago

How can they ruin the atmosphere of a game?

Guerilla created the whole killzone universe, who is to say if Helghast has frequent snowstorms, or beaches?

The reviewers aren't going to care for the "intended atmosphere" and they will give this game no leeway since the production of the game has game almost into 5 years.

I am hoping alot gets revealed at E3, including the aliens.

crimsonfox4467d ago

if your on a "terrible" planet why would you wanna see a beach???

this is the style of the game if you don't like it don't buy it its easy um k??? really this is only one level dont get out of hand with this

El_Colombiano4467d ago

Well if I'm going into a ruined war torn planet where the atmosphere (literally) has changed the population into another type of breed of humans, I wouldn't expect it too be a colorful place if you know what I mean. But then again, the Devs could throw in another park level type of level and throw us off. I loved the pink of the trees in the first Killzone.

Omegasyde4467d ago (Edited 4467d ago )

You miss the point, When your playing a different levels with little variation as far as color schemes and environments, people tend not to finish it.

EX: GTA4, Doom 3.

Granted Sony only care that they got my 60$, there would be a bad stigma laying on the game as being once again overhyped.

I am only judging the art direction on what has been made public. The game has been developed for quite some time and all the new footage
looks the same. Where there is smoke there is fire, hence why some people are put off by same footage over and over and over with just one new person playing it. For a game that long in development, they should give the fans a few more "bones" Why shroud the game this much in secrecy?

I am sure E3 will shut people like me up hopefully :)

EDIT: @ El Columb
Yea that park in my opinion was the most colorful level with the cherry blossoms. If you remember the first game, the whole game was also grayish with a lot of levels looking the same.

El_Colombiano4467d ago

Well just look at Final Fantasy 13, nothing (basically) has been shown yet it's hyped like a mother*ucker! Anyway bubbles for both of you for being in this discussion. I'm out, I have stuff to do tomorrow...early tomorrow.

INehalemEXI4467d ago (Edited 4467d ago )

Im sure there are areas with more depth of color. Yet I know that they used minature cinderblock models in real life then captured these to make level design a bit easier and quicker. The Overall grey tones may be a side effect of this technique on pre alpha footage.

Then again I had been worried before MGS4 came out because there always seemed to be a lack of range in the color of screens and trailers pre launch but the final product was killer. So Im not tripping.

RememberThe3574466d ago

@Crimson- I completely agree. Your not suppose to go: "Hey isn't that just pretty?" When you play this game. Your suppose to go, "Holy sh*t!"

@Omega- I see where your coming from with the repetitiveness of color schemes, but how else are these guy suppose to show how terrible it is on Helgon(Did I spell that wrong?)? Color is really all they got, cause what you see is what you get. I'm thinking that there will be more to this than just gray, but if not, I got a story to follow to keep me engaged.

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mirroredderorrim4467d ago

Jaw Dropping. I'd approve but I am still in training. :-)