GameStop release date list

A list handed out by GameStop employees at a midnight launch event. It holds over 50 titles with their supposed dates. It includes Resistance 2, Killzone 2, and others

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Lew_Ijgee4459d ago

My wallet is going to melt.

Max Power4459d ago

was just thinking that same thing, its so stacked with high expecting games, but i think LBP is tops on my list for that day.

Overr8ed4459d ago

Fallout vs LBP... hmmm i dont know much about Fallout in general so am going with LBP... Resistance in Nov 4th? Killzone early 09... no God of War this early, most likely later.

thesummerofgeorge4459d ago

I can't wait for God of War 3... That was a cruel trick leaving us on a cliffhanger like that. Although it's pretty sick that we get to see a next gen God of War game. It's one of the most groundbreaking action games ever and definitely one of my favorite video game series.

Skip_Bayless4459d ago

When 2008 is done it will be a better year for games than 2007. The list is gonna change and somethings maybe pushed forward for Sony and we know nothing about Nintendo.

Doppy4458d ago

Did I see God of War listed for a March release. Is it part 3 or a port of the PSP game for the PS2.

fusionboxer4458d ago

I can tell you that these lists have very little weight behind them. An example would be that Unreal Tournament 3 was still up for pre orders on the 360 a day before Unreal Tournament released on the ps3.

Haze was also listed as multi platform and on both pre order lists for a pretty long time.

Basically take gamestop release dates that list games more then two months off as rumors. You know...just so you don't get your hopes up.

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Silogon4459d ago

Lots of multiplatform games to be had on the xbox 360 I see, All I can say is Ghostbusters better look and preform better on the Ps3 or I'll get it on the xbox 360 too. I want sixaxis support for it, though.

October is going to kill.

Omegasyde4459d ago (Edited 4459d ago )

I thought Skate 2 was definitely going to be coming out this year. Knowing EA, more than likely.

I don't think guitarhero on tour will sell alot, since the people whom already are interested in "band" games have Rockband already. Let alone where are you going to store 2 sets of electonic instruments?

List is also missing tekken 6 + Socom Confrontation (w/ headset).

killinet2474459d ago

Actually Guitar Hero World Tour will most definately sell well. They will have the full bundle(all instruments) the guitar bundle with just the guitar and then just the game seperate. There are tons of loyal Guitar Hero fans. This can be seen by the site known as Scorehero which is a Guitar Hero dedicated site with more than half a million users. Plus many people who started on Guitar Hero and like the challenge of it for playing the hard solo guitars will choose GH over RB simply because GH is much much more difficult.

Omegasyde4459d ago

umm aren't true "loyalist"

tied to Harmonix? Creators of the whole Guitar/video games concept and father of Guitar Hero 2 and 3? Not to be prude but you see my point?

I have RB and Guitar Hero 3. Gh3 has better stock music, but the $$$ they charge for DLC is BS. Sure you get a free track every once in a while, but they are also not going to work with the next guitar hero.

The Brand name can only get you so far.

katana5234458d ago

thats a good question i wonder why they dont have it... but i have to agree with the other guy guitar hero is better than rockband. sure rockband has loads of dlc but im not gonna buy all that or even close...also the free gh3 songs are awesome...and who cares that they arent gonna work with world tour? maybe if i want to play them ill just pop in my gh3 disc. rockband i hate the guitar except for the ones up close to the body of the guitar. i hate the strummer for it too i like to hear the click as conformation that i did strum that note. the drums are okay but there was some registering issues and the drums for gh world tour look amazing. the mic i dont give a crap about...and the music creater looks the song selection on guitar hero games not really on rockband...but overal both are quality games and pick what ever floats your boat.

Hagaf224459d ago

Why is this news every time it comes around.... you can go in to any game store and ask to see their preorder list, its not secret and theres nothing newsworthy about it, try it, go to game stop and ask to see their preorder list, youll get the full version of this...

Omegasyde4459d ago

You are right, but for the wrong reasons, being that their release list is ALWAYS subject to change. Nothing is set in stone especially for First party titles in which many might surprisingly appear after E3 for q4.

*prays for Jetmotto 4*

morganfell4459d ago

Exactly. There is always a notebook laying on the counter with titles broken down by platform.

CaptainHowdy4459d ago

there's like 40 games between september and december...and i have 2 buy them all....what a good problem to have...this year will be awesome.

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