PlayStation 3 SIXAXIS Dissection and Dual Shock Comparison

In the past couple of days we've dissected the Wiimote and the Nunchaku to take a look at what makes the magic of the Wii happen. Today we decided to cut open a PlayStation 2 Dual Shock and a PlayStation 3 SIXAXIS to see how Sony updated the design between consoles and also to figure out where the SIXAXIS' last minute addition tilt-sensitivity comes from.

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MicroGamer4342d ago (Edited 4342d ago )

in the rush to ditch rumble and add sixaxis, it makes me wonder if they actually removed the complete functionality or just the motors. Could you maybe find the points to solder the rumble motors from a dual shock controller and get them to work alongside sixaxis???

calderra4342d ago

Immersion has already agreed to do this as soon as Sony gives in and admits they lost the lawsuit, and assuming they stop litigating the result.

So yeah, it could be done.

NubreedLive4341d ago

I didn't much care for the rumble feature, its like a thing that passes unperceived... it was a blast when the N64 came out and the original PS, but now its like a generic thing that doesn't amaze me... hope the motion thing turns out a better way to play...

ImTheNumber124341d ago

You say that rumble is not important to you but it's because with consoles doing it for so long you take it for granted. I don't understand why they thought they should take it out. I compare taking away rumble to taking away the feel of driving a car or shooting a gun. sixaxis can't replace the loss of feeling what you're doing.

360pluswiiequalsps34341d ago

what would happen if sony surrendered and paid before rumble gets on ps3 pads???

would they recall current ps3 pads and replace with rumble pad???


will they make u to pay another 50USD for rumbled sexaxes

MicroGamer4341d ago

and make you pay if you wanted it.

power of Green 4341d ago

That's none sense Rumble is essentail in more complex racers, you feel what the vehicels doing and you use the gas and breaking and steering acordinglly.

(You need Ruble for more complex gaming such as most next-gen games you'll find on the 360)In TDU you will get your assed kicked if you were unable to feel what the car was doing, games like MotoGP and Forza2 would'nt be fully next-gen with out Rumble.

Some games alert you to danger with rumble, the list goes on and on.