What Dying Light does right

MWEB GameZone writes: There's a lot that Dying Light does wrong: The story is weak, the characters uninteresting; the motivations for behaviours and actions are as untethered as loose sand; the missions barely vary in terms of structure; enemies are limited in terms of variety; there's little in terms of character customisation & multiplayer has you in the body of the same boring white bro protagonist as any other game.

And yet, after hours of play, we have to admit that Dying Light is one of the best games you'll play this year.

HanCilliers3453d ago

Interesting that a game can do so many things wrong, yet so right as well.

I love what the writer says about the parkour. It was probably the aspect Techland hyped most - and for once a dev delivered.

ManAnimalX3452d ago (Edited 3452d ago )


its the "phenomenon of compromise".....Gamers have been and are still being conditioned to accept games with "addictive elements" but poor qualities elsewhere.

Destiny is at the top of this phenomenon ...and more will follow....like Dying Light.

“I think the reward for conformity is that everyone likes you except yourself.” - Rita Mae Brown

HanCilliers3452d ago

Interesting point you have there and I agree 100% regarding Destiny. If you look at Dying Light's pvp it reminds a lot of L4D, so there's your point of "addictive elements" again.

SonZeRo3453d ago

The parkour is nice but not perfect, still fun game to play once you can get some decent weapons.

Sillicur3453d ago

Definately not perfect, had more than a few infuriating moments where it just didnt work or was very unresponsive...

HanCilliers3453d ago

I bet you played it on PC - since there's numerous reports of Dying Light being less than perfect on PC

sungam3d3453d ago (Edited 3453d ago )

I LOVED the movement system in this game on PC.

You had to be somewhat precise, actually aim for the ledge you want to get to, not just randomly close your eyes, hit jump and hope for the best that the game engine would do all the work for you.

Added a sense of realism to it.

Once you get use to the aiming system while moving and jumping, it works perfectly.

Best parkour system in a game I have ever experienced so far.

lord zaid3453d ago

Haven't played this, but I like the idea that you mostly avoid confrontation. Nice change that.

Maxor3453d ago

Aside from the Parkour, this is the primary distinction between Dying Light and Dead Island. Frannkly it's brilliant.

In some zombie games it's about clearing and eliminating the threat. Dead Island was completely about craving a bloody path through the zombie hordes. In Dying Light the excellent mix of zombie types will eventually overwhelm you if you stay on the ground. No matter how well equipped and powerfull your character is, your control of the ground is only a temporary situation and should you choose to make your presence know, the zombies will eventually overwhelm you with their sheer weight in numbers.

That is one aspect of the zombie apocalypse that Dying Light does so well. It immerse you in an urban city filled with zombies and it's letting you know that zombies are in charge.

Sillicur3453d ago

Hmm, bit confusing, the story was not bad at all...

zidane13413453d ago

I agree. I kept hearing about the story being lame and when I played it for myself I couldn't help but think I was playing a different game. The story was pretty badass, sure its not gonna win Emmies but it was really enjoyable and that's what counts

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leahcim587d ago

I am playing the Batman Vita game, it is amazing really.