Godus' Status Uncertain, As Devs Release Update Video

Godus' devs have come out with a new video updating fans on the state of the game, just as major outlets started raising concerns on the state of the game.

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VenomUK2410d ago

Who is the unnamed publisher?
Why is their identity being kept secret?
Were they a partner at the time the Kickstarter was launched?

ContinuePlay2410d ago

I think he's talking more generally, or maybe the ios version has to use a publisher or something due to its payment portal.

ContinuePlay2410d ago

How is "we remain absolutely committed to Godus" = "staus uncertain?"

It's exactly the opposite. They mentioned their next sprint, their finances, where they agree they went wrong, etc and how they intend to change that, and emphasised the pc version for future improvement.

WizzroSupreme2410d ago

Godus always looked painfully average – or at least as much as the rest of Molyneux's work.

MilkMan2410d ago

This guy is a fuqing hack! Im so through with his bullsh!t.