Can Capcom recreate the horrific glory of Resident Evil in Revelations 2?

"Resident Evil is fresh on everyone's minds thanks to the recent release of Resident Evil HD Remaster, an updated version of the game that basically rewrote the book on horror in video games. It's not unusual for a game to lose its edge over the course of a few decades, especially if it sprang from the early days of 3D console gaming, but Resident Evil seems immune to this sort of decay. It's perhaps partially due to the updated visuals, which mask the game's primitive 3D origins, but there's undoubtedly more to Resident Evil's appeal, because implementing better lighting and 3D models can't magically fix a poor gameplay experience."

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jay23454d ago (Edited 3454d ago )

No, first mistakes the eps, 2nd you've got to be a babysitter again, 3rd micro transactions. Until they go back to the 1st 3 games ideas then it won't be a proper RE games. Would live all the stuff like Nemisis. combinding builets etc.

Dhampir3454d ago

You know you want to play coop and wield a designer flashlight.

-Foxtrot3454d ago

They are trying to wiggle round the co-op thing by saying shit like "Oh but they are just there to give you a helping hand or to heal you" when really at the end of the day it's still co-op and two people in a horror game just dosen't make it scary

It's like they are so proud in admitting co-op is a bad route they went with that they are trying to find a way where we will like it and I'm sorry but it won't happen.

Scatpants3454d ago

Wait, this one has an AI partner too? This is why Japanese games are suffering right now. They make inexplicable gameplay decisions that no one wants.

gantarat3454d ago

Re 2 She 19
Rev 2 She 32

Baka-akaB3453d ago

nothing to do with age . As if they couldnt do 32 yers old people with the previous character designer , and as if past RE games were filled with teenagers lol .

THe redesign is ugly , for a game that is barely ok and current graphically , when you could at least always count on RE (well aside from obvious thow away spin offs) to at least be gorgeous when all other aspects fail .

Ozmoses3453d ago

you do realize there were babysitting elements in the 1st 3 RE games.... Especially in RE2 with that little girl Claire was protecting... I'm pretty sure her name was Shelley Birkin

also if you just wait until March 17th you can buy the physical disc that has all the "micro-transaction" as well as all the episodes for one price - $39.99

also with the first episode coming out on Feb 24th and the rest coming out in March (one every week until the 17th) you have to give Capcom credit because weekly releases of episodic games is something other companies like TellTale can't seem to do.

Baka-akaB3453d ago (Edited 3453d ago )

Elements as you say . And we all know those part were often hated and criticized .

There is no excuse there . It's a matter of Capcom not wanting to spend money . They could definitively add the damn coop experience , by making two or three sets of the same campaign with variations , a bit like they used to do with Resident Evil 2 .

A game like re6 or rev2 couldfeature a whole campaign with story and level design variations featuring you on own . And for people actually wanting it , another set of the same campaign , again with variation featuring an AI/co-op .

Instead they give many the middle finger , force coop mechanics on everyone , and do a sole campaign with the whole dynamic and horror factor changed because of it . Among many other issues .

And no imo , there is nothing praiseworthy about a company as big as Capcom , being able to weekly release a game essentially done and chopped up in episodes

Ozmoses3453d ago (Edited 3453d ago )

and that is why your pissed???

because your mad the gaming industry evolved passed 1998???

GTFO KID.... either play RE or don't

if you don't like it than don't leave any comments... just move along to whatever game you wanna play

and the same can be said about Square Enix and "Life is Strange"..... I don't see any WEEKLY EPISODIC releases??? so yes when you take the new style of EPISODIC GAMES into account Capcom is doing something others are not.

and that company is just as big.... if not bigger than Capcom...

welcome to 2015.... gaming has evolved into many forms

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Knightofelemia3454d ago (Edited 3454d ago )

I think 'll just play my Gamecube versions and stick with the older titles. Maybe bust out the N64 and play RES2

TheLastColossus3454d ago

Nope, it looks like a TLOU rip off, and I consider RE as one of the most revaloutionary video games, especially RE4.

fitfox3453d ago

at least its ripping off something great, and not Gears of War. cough cough RE5 & 6

TheLastColossus3453d ago

I've never played one, so I don't care about Gears.

lfc_4eva3453d ago

Rehashing the same game over and over cannot recreate that original feeling. Even replaying original RE games can't do it.

Its like watching Se7en after seeing it first time in the cinema. The horrific impact is powerful but its also a one time only effect.

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ZeekQuattro468d ago

I'd like to raid mode make a return in the future. When Capcom was hacked there was a as of yet announced RE game in there that I was hoping might turn into Revelations 3. There were also reports that whatever that RE game was scrapped and cancelled.


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SuicidalTendencies1513d ago

WTF? Code Veronica isn't a spinoff.

AK911513d ago

Games Journalism in 2020 ladies and gentleman.

AK911513d ago

*sees thumbnail*
you had one job.