Italian newspaper Repubblica vs GTA V: "degrading women is not a game"

The italian press misses another opportunity to talk about videogames withoud preconceptions.

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Gazondaily2174d ago

You'd think they would't mind after their former Prime Minister Berlusconi's antics:

What a playa

vishmarx2174d ago (Edited 2174d ago )

"degrading women"

and somehow they were less offended by 3rd degree torture to man, or a man's implied rape, or a man getting his skull crushed by a boot in full graphic detail,or a man getting drugged and robbed by his own family and still welcoming them back?

BC_Master_Haze2174d ago

Pretty sure I've seen everyone degraded in GTA :) the stereotypes implemented everywhere and the rampant satire are what give the game depth, it's rockstars style.

MitchellK2174d ago (Edited 2174d ago )

I see all these articles about GTA degrading women on the internet but have yet to actually meet a woman in my life that has a problem with the GTA games, most just find it amusing and fun, heck GTA V is one of my girlfriend's favorite games. Most woman i know just laugh at how ridiculous and over the top some aspects are, it's basically just a giant parody of real life and should be taken that way. Some people take things too seriously.

JonnyBadfinger2174d ago

"Italian newspaper Repubblica vs GTA V: "degrading women is not a game" "

just like bitching about video games aint journalism. surely there are more pressing matters in the world right now than 'degrading' video games...?

bouzebbal2174d ago

Come on, it's freedom of speech. Everything is allowed, and degrading women is one of it. Freedom of speech is built on extremely solid rules that you will never find contradictions in them.

Halo2ODST22174d ago (Edited 2174d ago )

A couple things, GTA doesn't degrade women, yes GTA has Nudity in it, but that is not degrading, 2nd it doesn't even have any female nudity in it (correct me on that if I'm wrong), only male nudity, 3rd, this has nothing to do with stupid freedom of speech, also 4th Freedom of speech comes with responsibility, it's not some get out of jail free card, e.g, if you go about shouting offensive Racial language, I.E the N word in the streets, you'l get locked up & rightfully so, in any rational 1st world country.

I find it funny here, how some people are just attacking Italy here instead of tackling the real issue at hand, That GTA Doesn't degrade women

SilentNegotiator2174d ago

Negative expressions aren't "contradictions" to freedom of speech, if that's what you're implying.

C-H-E-F2174d ago

But society degrade Men all the time. SMH

2174d ago
madjedi2174d ago

Clearly 2 individuals have been living under a rock for the last 10+ years.

Men are laughed at and disrespected all the time in the modern media and sitcoms.

Might be one of the reasons action movies like lotr, x-men and batman marvel ect... Are as popular as they are in addition to maintaining a fanbase over the years.

It's probably some of the few instances were men aren't clueless imbeciles, whose world would crumble into dust.

If not for their more intelligent wives/girlfriends or female coworkers, that are clearly better than them.

It's sad that we have to rely upon purely fictional movies or stories ect, to find respectable male figures to guide younger generations of men for the future.

NiteX The question that is never addressed is why should men just take it.

medman2174d ago

What a joke article. Italian men degrade women more than anybody, and their daytime television programs objectify women more than anywhere else I've been or seen. And that's nothing to say about what they have on at night. If you're looking to the Italians for your moral're doing it wrong.

Gazondaily2174d ago

Gotta say, their tv programs do do that. I was surprised at some of the stuff they were showing at day time.

But that last sentence of yours seems way ott.

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higgins782174d ago

But what will the chavs play...

Degrading women, violence and foul language is 'mature', right? 1 professional newspaper article won't stop GTA, its about 100 million chavs strong.

Gazondaily2174d ago

Yup, GTA is played by chavs and chavs alone....right..

Your monocle is slightly dirty btw.

blockcoc2174d ago

And here I thought it was all racist hillbillys.

SilentNegotiator2174d ago

I thought for sure that it was [insert offensive stereotype].

OrangePowerz2174d ago

I hope that was a sarcastic comment. There is nothing wrong with GTA (it's just a game) or with playing the game.

Gh05t2174d ago

"Degrading women, violence and foul language is 'mature', right?"

Are you just ignorant or are you really that dense to understand that a "mature" rating doesn't mean that doing these actions is mature, but rather you should be a "mature" person before being subjected to these actions so you can differentiate its appropriateness in context and society.

Seriously how did you make it this far in life thinking that "mature" content was done by people considered to be mature, rather than the person viewing the content needs to be mature enough to know what is and isn't appropriate when a subject arises?

SilentNegotiator2174d ago

He's a Nintendo fanboy that thinks that insulting games with sex and violence as "immature" will make him look super mature and meta.

OrangePowerz2174d ago (Edited 2174d ago )

Yet degrading the law system there is perfectly normal. So much that Mr. "Mafia" Berlusconi gets away with almost everything since he changed the rules to aid his ilegal doings while he was in charge. They have much bigger problems in Italy that should be taken care of.

Pogmathoin2174d ago

But, Italy thought us all how to degrade women.... starting with Berlusconi and under aged prostitutes..... double standards here!

Stapleface2174d ago

The good thing about a video game is that if anyone finds it offensive, they can just stop playing the game. Sell or delete the title, and they never have to worry about it again from that source. No one will ever get rid of every source so fighting any of them is pointless. Just accept that different people think differently (WHAT!?) and choose wisely who you socialize with. This is just someone with double standards for men and women. A man getting raped or tortured is fine just don't let it be a woman.

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