COD: Advanced Warfare "snubbed at DICE, it really hurts", says Sledgehammer founder

Sledgehammer Games co-founder Glen Schofield is commenting on the absence of Advanced Warfare from the stage of the 2015 DICE Awards.

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Aloy-Boyfriend1350d ago (Edited 1350d ago )

With all due respect, It didn't deserve it.

mattdillahunty1350d ago (Edited 1350d ago )

it makes me wonder if they really do live in their own little bubble. a bubble that doesn't let them see the same recycled mediocrity they spew out every year, with one or two minor tweaks/additions that makes them think they "reinvented the franchise." and then the mindless drones who HAVE to have the latest CoD every year on day one eat it up until they get tired of it and say it sucks, but then repeat the same process the next year when the newest version comes out.

the bubble must be strong indeed if they don't see this and are hurt because their trash didn't get awarded. i know Sledgehammer hasn't been making all the CoD games, but that doesn't change the point that they're all the same reskinned nonsense since CoD4.

zidane13411349d ago

Bullshit. This new call of duty is the best yet and there is more new then old. Stop hating to hate when you obviously haven't tried the new one.

Dramacydal1349d ago

So you haven't played it. Good to know,

pumpactionpimp1349d ago

This generation can't help it. Nintendo groomed them with pokemon. "Gotta catch them all", have to get the red/blue, diamond/pearl version, etc. They've been trained to want the latest thing, and buy 2 or more versions of it since they can remember.

To everyone who doesn't fall in to that group, hey they're fans who like the game. Can't hate them for that.

Dee_911349d ago

Aside from recycled mechanics and lackluster ingenuity, they also do a horrible job at supporting the game anyway that doesn't put money in their pockets after the game release.. That is of course with last gen, but for me COD is tainted, its the pinnacle of what not to be/do for developers.. So in short, they don't deserve any awards and most of the hate they receive is justified in my opinion.
I haven't played advanced warfare but from looking at gameplay videos, its more of the same.

TheSaint1349d ago

Pretty sure most devs live in a bubble.

SolidStoner1349d ago

I played them all, sold them all.. that tells many things.. they were different, but really very similar, almost no engine upgrades only skins/materials and now with sad jumps... 6 vs 6 players in 2015... and maps are smaller than one Battlefield's conquest zone capture point... like really small... guns from pathetic future and so many campers, game play is frustrating and sad! It has its good sides, shooting and moving is very precise and intuitive.. thats about it! :)

IGiveHugs2NakedWomen1349d ago


I completely agree with you. Multiplayer FPS are all cut from the same mold. A bunch of maps, a bunch of guns, 8 vs 8, 6 vs 6, 12 vs 12, chase down your opponents, camp in a corner, get the best kill/death ratio, before time runs out. It gets old after a while. Changing certain gameplay mechanics isn't going to change that fact either.

Utalkin2me1349d ago


Well that's strictly if you're playing TDM or DM. KDR has no bearing if you're playing a objective based game.

Maybe you need to develop games considering you must have tons of ideas and know, in programming.

bubblebobble1349d ago

cod aw is my best cod too, not saying it changed the wheel but it didnt have too, the servers are rock solid on ps4 must of played 200 multiplayer games and i was signed out of 1 of them, the graphics are very good its a real fun game, i would like to see some real innovation yer and see it go in a different direction but to say this was terrible is just trolling or you dont know what your on about.

Edito1349d ago

What ppl fail to understand is that COD is not about just reinventing the franchise it's more than that, they tell stories and for many young gamers that doesn't matter at all they just want to see improvements that can be measured by number (graphics, fps, etc.) The other shooters are good but in terms of story they fail big time, im a bit tired of COD but lets be real Battlefield and the other need better plots and thats a big thing... many ppl think uncharted it's a big hit because of graphics and sh*t but its not its because they are telling a good story in a good way... but thats just me thinking and sharing...

Baka-akaB1349d ago

That's not really true . Ever since that KDR fade grew , you see too many people actually ignoring fullfilling a mission objective , at least with alll focus and intent , for the sake of preserving K/D

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AngelicIceDiamond1350d ago

Lol is he really that upset? Its a multimillion dollar franchise whats snub from award shows when people are buying your stuff every year?

strauser3601349d ago

yeah for real its one of the largest franchises of any media form in the world. and hes upset the game didn't win awards? He probably said that while snorting coke off a hookers ass. I mean the game is better than the last 2 games they shit out but its not award winning by any means.

reallyNow1350d ago

how didnt it deserve it again?

MysticStrummer1350d ago

Normally if you're nominated for an award it means you've done something great in your field. It's been a long time since CoD was considered to be great by people other than it's most devoted fans.

NarooN1350d ago

Probably because there's nothing remotely exceptional about the game in the first place.

reallyNow1350d ago

this is strange to me. if a game is one of the HIGHEST SELLING GAMES EVERY YEAR its doing something right. you dont like it, fine. but that doesnt mean theyre not doing an awfully good job of keeping the series relevant, fresh enough, yet familiar enough to the fans. there is something innovative about that alone. i think you guys are letting your personal opinion get in the way of fact. im not even a super mega COD fan and i think its silly to hate something that has brought so many more gamers to the table.

jacksons981349d ago

I think it's cool to hate. I can't name a FPS I enjoyed more this year. Farcry 4 was close, but the gunplay kind've sucked in it.

garrettbobbyferguson1349d ago

Oddly enough this has been the first call of duty game to actually be innovative in years. Hopefully Battlefield 4 wasn't nominated for anything; as it would not have deserved it.

Hellsvacancy1349d ago

Thanks ReallyNow, i've not long woke up and i'm already losing brain cells

Just because someone or many people buy/like something DOESN'T mean it's good

Transformers, Resident Evil, Hunger Games, Taken do amazing at the box office, yet all the films are complete utter crap

It's like everything is aimed at 16 year old now who think they know better

Baka-akaB1348d ago


Any field of entertainement got a few products or artists that are popular , regardless of their quality (or especially lack of) .

Marketing and manufacturing popular fads distilled down to a cynical formula has always worked for singers , bands , movies , why would it be different for games ?

I'll just agree that some people are indeed to obsessed with complaining about it , by now . But i guess it's similar to seeing people upset that each transformer movie is a blockbuster hit , despite what it essentially is and offer

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Grap1349d ago

Maybe if you make better games than every game since 2007 maybe you will be in DICE Awards

x_RadicalAura_x1349d ago (Edited 1349d ago )

In his defense, CODAW was the third best COD behind Blops and COD4 IMO.

ShadowWolf7121349d ago

World at War and Big Red One exist.

bennissimo1349d ago

...and aren't very good.

Bobby Kotex1349d ago

With all due respect, I can't think of a single FPS that was a game changer in the past 5 years.

Linkz9731349d ago

Why all the hate to souldestroyer, It's a new IP that has brought together many good things from different styles of games primarily ones found in pc games. Amazingly tight controls, fluid fps mechanics, loot grinding, level progression, raids, and a lot of things that you would typically see in most MMO's like diablo but in a format that is best known and familiar to console gamers which is first person shooters. The story was shit everyone will agree but the game itself is extreamly fun and very innovative.

hamzilla1349d ago

Ummm that is pretty easy... Destiny...

You watch 1-2 years from now they will implement the loot and shoot mechanic to CoD because eventually the CoD fanatics will want to play like Destiny but they all "hate" Destiny even though play wise its the same game with looting and leveling.

Soulscare1349d ago

@ham, "loot and shoot", as you put it, is nothing new in slightest. It's been around for years and will continue to do so. Stop fanboying.

Moe-Gunz1348d ago

Destiny? That game is basically Borderlands but done poorly.

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the_mack_attack31349d ago

Every game franchise runs its course. We had some good times Call of Duty, now drive off into the sunset.

skratchy1349d ago

It really didn't. I mean, it was JUST another Call of Duty game, for Christ's sake. Ooooh, they got Kevin Spacey and hopped on the gliding around bandwagon, popularized by Titanfall and Destiny. Big whoop.

abstractel1349d ago

AW was the first COD in ages that felt like it innovated. It's a great name, and if it didn't have "COD" in the title, it would have been more appreciated.

Muzikguy1349d ago (Edited 1349d ago )

IMO all the hate that COD gets is completely justified. I can't believe Sledgehammer would expect to get rewarded for such a thing to be honest. It hurts them? Somehow I doubt that. They don't seem to be trying very hard. They just want all the attention, and COD doesn't deserve it. They don't need to keep reinventing the franchise. It's all the other things the franchise has done that has tarnished it. Bad servers, lag, small maps, the community, cheaters, the ripoff DLC...

Your words are gold, I couldn't agree more

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SeanScythe1350d ago

Because it sucks..... I returned it a week after I got it.

Tsubasa-Oozora1349d ago

I disagree. I rented it out bc I started getting into FPS games. Im usually a metal gear solid - Final Fantasy guy.

I first bought Battlefield 3 for like 4$ recently and played the SP. Then Advanced Warfare came out and I rented it out. I actually rented it out twice. I liked it so much that I bought it.

I can never see myself playing without the exo-suits. I tried classic mode and I quit within the first match.

snookiegamer1349d ago (Edited 1349d ago )

I agree with SeanScythe ...

I only purchased COD AW because I was curious about Kevin Spacey (big fan+House of Cards S3 Soon!). But once I completed the same old by the numbers plot, tried the tired MP ...I too traded it in.

@WP-Rasp stated it yourself, you're just getting into FPS games, so you're far from fatigued. Go play all the COD's, then comment again.

COD just isn't advancing (no pun intended) the series or genre, totally deserved to get snubbed!

Akira20201349d ago

I too returned it after the first week. Though the single player of AW was awesome, the Multiplayer was the same old "quick scope" shit.

getrektedmate1350d ago

Jet packs = Jumping, that's not innovation

reallyNow1350d ago

if you think thats all thats different in AW, you didnt play it for any meaningful amount of time.

ArcticWolfUK1350d ago

Your right they added daft exo abilities and the most pathetic display of dynamic maps possible.

getrektedmate1350d ago (Edited 1350d ago )

@reallyNow advanced warfare is just another mediocre cod

Claudinho691350d ago

because sports games are innovative every year too right

ArcticWolfUK1350d ago

sports games dont claim to be innovative

RyujiDanma1349d ago

apologizes if you don't like sports /s

HammadTheBeast1349d ago

Who says they deserve awards?

strauser3601349d ago

are we talking about titanfall or CoD?

MegaSackman1350d ago (Edited 1350d ago )

I don't know, It's not the greatest game but they lost to Destiny so...

obelix991350d ago

Never had a desire to play it. COD has become a very unbalanced nightmare over the years. Last time i thoroughly enjoyed myself was playing World at war.

Ausbo1350d ago

I agree. Last cod game I've bought. The others I played but I wasn't a fan.

I hope they return to WW2

hamzilla1349d ago

I am glad I chose Destiny over CoD-AW last year. plus Destiny has been built to be a 5 year game with just expansions for 20$ or less vs a full 60$ every year deal like CoD. since MW2 I have given up on CoD pretty much. WaW was by far my favorite CoD and if the rumors are true that this year we are getting World at War 2 with a new engine utilizing the power of PS4/X1 from the ground up. that will be joining my ever growing PS4 games collecting this fall!!! as long as it has gibbing corpses though.

hamzilla1349d ago

The rumor running around is that World at War 2 will be this years CoD and if that is the case and remade from the ground up for the power of PS4/X1 it will actually be worth it I think. AND it better have gibbing like WaW 1...