PSA: Don’t Get Sucked Into The Recent Politics Of The Games Industry

Because politics have no place in our gaming lifestyle.

Quote: "Gaming is getting far too political, with this whole “representation” thing going on right now. As far as supporting equality goes, I am fully on board with it, but when you’re part of the problem and don’t see it, yet purport that others are part of the problem and don’t see it, not only are you a hypocrite but also blatantly stupid. And it’s happening frustratingly often in the games industry."

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TheCommentator1978d ago

Well put together article. People like her degrade the industry and freedom of speech in general. I hope her crusades end soon, but we all know they won't. Like that lawyer from a few years ago who was eventually disbarred for his harassment of the industry. I forget his name...

aliengmr1978d ago

Political article making a political statement says "no politics in games". Speaking of hypocrisy...