Philips CDI Review: "Most Underrated Console Ever"

"Throw whatever you have been told about this console out the window. This console is truly a masterpiece that I to this day have not experienced anywhere else."

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SpiralTear1976d ago

Funny, but just so folks know, this is an IGN user blog.

shaw981976d ago

I laughed so hard when on the thumb nail it said "10/10" and right below it saying "". Almost making it look like IGN gave the cdi a 10/10. XD

donwel1975d ago

If Philips had thrown enough cash at them they probably would have.

Ghoul1973d ago

and satiric just so you know

SpiralTear1973d ago

Indeed. Pretty funny, though.

GokuSolosAll1975d ago

It's overrated if anything. No system is 100% crap. 99% perhaps but there's always some redeeming value, IMO.

DOMination-1975d ago

Nothing redeemable from those cutscenes of the Zelda games that came out on cdi!

MasterCornholio1975d ago

I'll go grab my stuff.

-grabs rope and hangs himself-

ArtificiallyYours1975d ago (Edited 1975d ago )

The system was never meant to compete in the gaming market but was one of the first major forays into CD Media Centers available with numerous configurations, both entry and professional tier models. It was one of the first Media Centers open to consumers.

The only reason it was even marketed as a games console was to showcase the advantages of Compact Disc media (hence its name) as an educational platform. Sadly a lot of consumer models were more expensive than the crappiest Gateway available at the time, and what do you know, built far worse than the first generation Sega CD.

Morgue1975d ago

That side scrolling Zelda... Ugh

rainslacker1974d ago

Yeah, I remember fondly waiting to see this new game machine. Along with the 3DO at about the same time. Was pretty cool for it's time, but when users were finally able to get a taste, the idea of it being a game machine quickly went south.

It had some beautiful "games", but overall, they were pretty poor examples of games, and the way the system was built was just not anywhere close to being able to play things that even the SNES could at the time.

I have one I got as a collector, and have about 80% completion of all it's software in my stash, and I've gone through and played quite a few of them, but even looking at it from the standards of the time of it's release, I can say that the CDI was most definitely rated higher than it deserved, because it was a piss poor game machine.

andrewer1975d ago (Edited 1975d ago )

The problem is: it wasn't supposed to be only a console, it was trying to be something like Xbox One, by playing CDs and stuff, being a multimedia center. As it's written on wikipedia, it is an "interactive multimedia CD player". Games are only part of it, and the games were more of the interactive part than the hardcore gaming itself. It remembers me of those blu-ray with interactive media, although nowadays these things are much more affordable. IMO it isn't specifically a console, but one of the things it can do is play games.

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