Midnight Star Is Out Now - A New FPS From the Creator of Halo

The highly anticipated new FPS Midnight Star has finally released globally. Grab It has the details, as well as some exclusive information and interviews.

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SlappingOysters1986d ago

Great News! A hard task trying to topple something like Halo in your resume (or Marathon for that matter), but you have to know whether it is good or not.

Gazondaily1986d ago

Yeah but mobile/tablet games are hardly going to match that kind of quality. They might serve as brief distractions as best but other than that, I doubt Midnight Star will make an impact.

SlappingOysters1986d ago

It's free... I'm not sure how much the IAPs impact, but as long as the distractions is fun, I will take it at the price.

Solidbrod1985d ago

It's definitely hard for a mobile game to attract the same kind of audience as a console game, but I really hope more people get behind this game, because the multiplayer challenges are actually a blast.

CoyoteHunter1986d ago

I've been playing since its soft launch. Absolutely loving it so far. Really well implemented controls. Its so easy to get the controls wrong on touch devices, but hats off to him. Thoroughly recommend giving it a go.

SlappingOysters1986d ago

How have you found the IAPs? Impact or kind of not too bad?

CoyoteHunter1986d ago

I haven't found them terribly intrusive. I think they're pretty well implemented.

Solidbrod1986d ago

Definitely well implemented, and for a free game (and comic) you get a whole lot of content. Bottom line, for me personally, is that it's an ugly sales model, and one that we shouldn't be perpetuating. I don't dabble in IAP's for the same reason I don't play poker machines. No matter how much money you shell out, there is no clearly defined endgame, just a lure that always seems just out reach.

There needs to be more transparent pricing, e.g you can pay x amount of dollars for the full experience, or you can pay a fraction of that cost for, say, a weapon or map pack. Rather than charging real world dollar bills for a mysterious in game currency.

sarahnade1985d ago

Hey! I was playing this on the train today- so far, excellent.