You can show middle finger to your enemies in BF Hardline

Flip the bird is one of the ways how to spot enemies. Visceral Games add more of unique animations.

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SolidStoner1987d ago

this new battlefield is fun, but the worst of them all... old battlefields like Vietnam or WW2 beats this pop culture shooter crap easy.. they do this to attract new audience.. and since COD failed hard with its jumping and "ultra mega tiny tiny tiny small limited" maps.. (got used to them after a hour, got bored after a day).

this new battlefield gives us real known guns, great maps.. but all that driving and music and all other crap is like for children.. it dosnt feel hardcore like it should be.. but very very good competition for COD it like beats it in every department.. this is what they wanted this is what they did.. and I hate that!

sergons1987d ago

Agree, sorry I accidentally pressed disagree button.

Skizelli1987d ago (Edited 1987d ago )

Modern Combat and Bad Company are still THE best Battlefield games I've played on console. Especially when it comes to vehicle physics. Why? Because they were designed exclusively for consoles. I wish DICE would create another console-only Battlefield (Bad Company 3 please) instead of giving us these half-assed PC ports.

rawrock1987d ago

I have no interest in the new modes of this game, just give me classic conquest, thats all I will play. The driving one does not feel like BF at all and yes the songs are annoying as crap...

InMyOpinion1987d ago

The classic conquest mode is in the beta.

The map they give you feels a bit cramped compared to prior games, but it is there nonetheless.

gamer78041987d ago

i tried the beta and was instantly turned off.... seriously showing the middle finger as a gameplay element... cmon battlefield.

pompombrum1987d ago

Look on the bright side, think of all the funny memes the middle finger will create aimed at EA.

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