The Best Android Strategy Games of All Time: 2015 Edition

Hardcore Droid - Android: the armpit of the gaming industry—or so we are sometimes led to believe. The worst part of sentiments like the above for those of us who work with Android games is that we clearly understand why an insider, writer or fan might make such a suggestion. For one, because it’s so confoundedly easy to steal Android games, the piracy of ‘Droid titles is running amok all over the web and there is a large pool of iOS and cross-platform games that will never appear on the Play Store. Thanks pirates. And then there’s Android’s freemium market, which has grown from the darker and crappier half of Android gaming into the veritable sea of crap-apps that now dominate Android gaming. And yet, and yet, many of us remain interested in Android gaming for some reason or another.

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DaleCooper2019d ago

Great article. I'll have to check out some of those picks.