Visceral Games Talks 'Battlefield Hardline' Accessibility and Map Destruction

For a franchise like Battlefield, destruction has always been an aspect of the game that most fans adore. Being able to level buildings and dynamically change a map is quite a unique feeling, but how far will we be seeing the destruction go in Battlefield Hardline?

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crazychris41241355d ago

Ok I can see there point about Cops and Robbers not destroying entire cities so in BF5 we better be getting an insane amount of destruction. Its amazing how the destruction is better in Bad Company 2 and it came out 5 years ago. It was awesome to see a beautiful village at the start of the game totally destroyed by the end. They need to bring back debris falling from buildings kills, collapse kills and show it in the kill feed. It should say "Team 1 (Destruction) Team 2" like they used to now its either KILLED or you dont get credit at all.

Pandamobile1355d ago

The destruction in Bad Company 2 was better because 90% of maps were the made up of the same 8 structures.

The destruction in 3 and 4 is much more refined than it was back in BFBC2, and the maps also have a ton more variety than BFBC2's did. Making better visually better destruction takes a lot of man-power, and making more abundant destructible environments makes the maps extremely hard to balance.

There's still gonna be trade-offs made for Battlefield 5 in the destruction department.