Confession: I used an iPhone 5 to cheat in Guacamelee

Technology Tell writes, "Yesterday, I was knocking out a few of the side quests, and I got stuck on one called “Chicken Thief.” In it, you’re supposed to select a specific chicken out of a lineup after they’ve been shuffled around. It’s like a game of three-card monte, but with chickens that get progressively faster. Winning requires that you identify the right chicken three times in a row, which proved to be too difficult for my eyes."

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ImAPotato1451d ago

Guacamelee ultimate edition has been the best GWG offering next to #IDARB. I completed Guacamelee 100% with my brother. It was so much fun!

wonderfulmonkeyman1451d ago

I had a lot of fun with Guacamelee Super Turbo Championship Edition on Wii U. I didn't need to cheat during the chicken test, though.XD I admit to a bit of luck, but up to the last round, I was able to flawlessly follow the flighty fowl.