5 Amazing Games with Unspoken Narratives

"It’s unfortunate that some of the best storytelling is done in unsung details. Small details hidden in the margins of a scene or behavior that betray a deeper story. There are a great deal of examples of games that nail telling every kind of story, but there are always a few ones that manage to do something spectacular without saying a word on the subject. You know the old saying – a picture is worth a thousand words.

Games that are quietly amazing deserve recognition. To that end, here’s some examples of spectacular games that manage to weave a tale or two without relying on silly notions like dialogue."

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Locknuts1450d ago

Metroid Prime. I'm experiencing this masterpiece again on Wii U. The story is there to be found, but not forced on you. Makes it feel for real to me.

ContinuePlay1449d ago

Metroid Prime is ruddy excellent.

In fact, given its new rerelease on wii u virtual console, I sense a retrospective coming on...

Tex1171450d ago

Ultimately, I belive this is where Video Games will make its mark on the whole "are video games art" debate.

Not with the spoken narrative, but with story telling that is pieced together through exploration and the world around the player. Movies are narratives on rails, to an extent, even books as well (though they are allowed more leeway in narrative structure).

Video games can have the player assemble the story in different ways. Different orders, Spoken dialoge. Visual clues. Atmosphere. Sound. Everything.

DigitalRaptor1450d ago (Edited 1450d ago )

Make way for RiME and The Witness.

I adore the "design by subtraction" philosophy Fumito puts into his games, so hopefully The Last Guardian will show up soon enough.

ContinuePlay1450d ago

Trust me, the Witness and Rime are both very high on our wishlists this year!