Let them fight: First Godzilla screenshots for PS4 game

The first screenshots of Bandai Namco's Godzilla video game have been released, showing the rampant destruction and flagrant disregard for built-up areas you'd expect.

In the shots the King of Monsters dukes it out with famous adversaries like three-headed dragon beast King Ghidorah and kitted-out robot Mecha Godzilla.

Expected to be released this summer, Godzilla: The Game is hoping to capitalise on the big success of last year's Western reboot of the famous Toho Company's iconic movie monster, which was directed by Gareth Edwards.

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Fizzerd1356d ago

Are they sure this isn't the PSP version?

DragoonsScaleLegends1356d ago

Nope the PSP version looks better.

AngelicIceDiamond1356d ago

This looks gross. There will be somebody that likes it though.

BABY-JEDI1356d ago

You look @ tis, the Godzilla game. Then you look @ The Order. Which One looks like a ZX Spectrum game?

yewles11356d ago (Edited 1356d ago )

I go with Gears of Werewolves... *runs*

BABY-JEDI1356d ago

Oh well, looks like you won the cheeky chops award for today

Angeljuice1356d ago

Bring on Mothra (has to be the lamest 'monster' in history). Looking forward to this game (hope it plays well).

morganfell1356d ago

It is Godzilla so at that I am sold. But that screen of of Kiryu certainly sealed the deal.

crazychris41241356d ago

Still waiting for the godzilla game that lets us destroy entire cities, not sections like this game

Der_Kommandant1356d ago

I love Godzilla but that looks like a ps2 game.

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