Throwdown Your Questions Ep. 20

Here are all the questions answered on this episode:

*Do you believe in the “third console curse”?
*Do you prefer symmetrical or asymmetrical stick placement?
*What defunct video game franchise would you most like to see updated?
*What is some of your favorite video game box art?
*Do you think Sony has a “Capcom Five” deal this generation like how Nintendo did in the GameCube era?
*What is your favorite Mexican food?
*What is a worse prediction: Uncharted 4 will outsell Halo 5 or Dark Void will be a good game?
*Will Dragon’s Dogma Online get a Western release?
*What game’s story line has stayed with you the longest?
*What are your most anticipated titles of early 2015?
*Will we ever see a cross over between Fox and Sony Marvel films and Marvel Studios?

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johnherlosky1358d ago

Will VR headsets influence the direction nintendo will go?