Hilarious Dying Light sword throw is one in a million

Don’t try this at home. But if you do, use the Bastard Sword for best visual effect. This is probably the most elegant way to put down a Walker in Dying Light.

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Iceman_Nightmare1355d ago

how did he throw it the other way and it came the other way around?

Makasu1355d ago

He threw it upwards into the sky and it landed in the zombies face!

BlackTar1871355d ago

it did look like he threw it more angled forward then straight up.

The gif seems weird to me.

inveni01355d ago

Yeah, that's a boomerang sword if I ever seen one.

Grap1355d ago

And that's my dear broke all physics laws. Newton will be a shamed if he ever watched this.

kurruptor1355d ago

What passes for news nowadays....

GuruStarr781355d ago

Yeah, I agree... I can't even tell whats going on here

LAWSON721355d ago (Edited 1355d ago )

You know there are multiple posts to N4G and each one gets categorized. N4G is not exclusively about news. There are videos, images, screenshots, news, article, opinion, rumors, podcast

hasamalaha1355d ago

You're right. An image can be news, such as a sneak peek of an upcoming game. Same for videos and podcasts.

But a random let's play type GIF... Not for this site in my opinion.

DLConspiracy1355d ago

Yeah WTH I don't want to laugh or enjoy games. Real news is about console resolutions/frames, fans fighting one another and games that are not working. At the very least news is the endless opinion pieces about why this and that sucks. News these days... *shakes fist* :p

kurruptor1355d ago (Edited 1355d ago )

I wish all that shit would go away as well. I get caught up in it myself, but everything would still be better off without it.

DLConspiracy1355d ago (Edited 1355d ago )


I welcome these fun tidbits. I want to get back to what it is all about. Gaming and having fun.