Jace Hall Looking into Rebooting Condemned Franchise

Condemned: Criminal Origins was one of the most pleasant surprises at the Xbox 360 launch, offering an alternative to the console's many shooters and racers while scaring the pants off most everybody who played it. Although a cult classic in the years that followed, its sequel Condemned 2: Bloodshot made less of a stir. With nearly eight years since that game, the series sadly seemed to have died. Until now...

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Iltapalanyymi1379d ago


i hope this happens. i love both games.

DarkOcelet1379d ago

After the success of Shadow Of Mordor. I can see this happening. And we could use yet another horror game this gen. That would be awesome.

tanukisuit1379d ago

If they do Part 3, I'd love for them to bring 1 and 2 as well, to X1 and PS4, PC. That way, I can get the entire "package" in one go.

The reason I say this (using Gamefaq Search) you can see 1 and 2 are split "weirdly" across platforms.

Biohazard88601379d ago

Totally id love remasters of those two games.. would be amazing plus a part three that would be my dream come true to see the story wrap up blood shot did leave off with a cliff hanger after all!

MajorLazer1379d ago

Please make this so. I love Condemned and Condemned 2 and a third one would just be perfect!

DryBoneKoopa851379d ago

Sign me up! Loved Condemned 1 and 2. That damn department store from Condemned Criminal Origins was SUPER scary.

I hope the crime scene investigations return. Found that to be one of my more favorite parts of both the games.

Roccetarius1379d ago

Hopefully this is in the vein of the first game, because i didn't really think the 2nd did much for the IP.

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