PlayStation Now: Changing the Game

It was a rocky start for Sony’s new streaming service when the open beta launched in October, but much has changed since then.

In the beginning PlayStation Now was a new way to rent and play PS3 games. Now, for $20 a month, the Japanese giant is giving access to over a hundred, in a similar fashion to how Netflix lets you stream movies and TV shows.

It isn’t a new idea — companies have been doing the same thing on tablets and PCs for years — but Sony is already at an advantage. It was announced earlier this month that 18.5 million PS4s were sold in the last two years, and if those numbers are anything to go by, it’s clear that their decisions influence the industry. In other words, if PlayStation Now succeeds, Microsoft and Nintendo will eventually have to come out with their own streaming services.

And chances are it will succeed. There’s already a solid, varied library of games, and according to Sony, plenty more are on the way.

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crazychris41241353d ago

Great deal if you only have a ps4. Complete waste if u kept your old consoles n games.

GribbleGrunger1353d ago (Edited 1353d ago )

What about people with TVs, Phones, Pads and Blu-ray Players?

No_Limit1353d ago (Edited 1353d ago )

Nah...I have thousands of old console games like SNES, N64, and Neo Geo that I can play locally and don't require $20 a month and dependant on Internet speed on my Galaxy Note 4. PS now is pointless and a complete waste of money for me.

And please, for those few people that don't have a last Gen console, they can stroll by their local gamestop and pick up a used ps3 and any used copy of those 100 ps3 games for a few bucks a piece if they really want to play it. Over the course of a year, you are talking about over $180 for a year for subscribing to a few slection of games that you don't own when a used system and 20 games that they want will probably cost less in the long run plus you can always trade it in for some credits later when the gamer decides to upgrade to a PS4 or XB1 or Wii U.

magiciandude1353d ago

"What about people with TVs, Phones, Pads and Blu-ray Players?"

That pretty much describes the average gamer...

GribbleGrunger1353d ago (Edited 1353d ago )

LOL. I still can't believe people don't understand what PSNow is all about. It just amazes me. Ultimately, the sort of person that Sony are aiming PSNow at would never even think of coming to a site like this. I don't think it will ever sink in with people who come to sites like this to be honest. Even when it's a huge success, people will be saying: 'I don't understand how. Most people I talk to on gaming sites and forums aren't that interested'.

cutthroatslim1353d ago

Gribble is the biggest two faced troll ever. Saw him post on another site yesterday about the order I think and omg was it inflammatory and disgusting to read. Just do u man, why wear a mask for n4g? balls i guess

GribbleGrunger1353d ago (Edited 1353d ago )


You really can't tell the difference between the fake GRIBBLEGRUNGER and this GribbleGrunger? Even though he appears to have the complete opposites views to me? I think that tells myself and others more about you than it does about me.

eferreira1353d ago (Edited 1353d ago )

@ no limit

I can you're very proud of owning illegal copies of games. Just because the service doesn't suit your needs doesn't mean it's a waste. Why pay for Netflix when I can buy a ton of DVDs for a dollar a piece right. It's called convenience and some people may not want the clutter.

aCasualGamer1353d ago

I use wi-fi so this is a big no no for me.

Great option for those without a PS3 though and have cable connection.

cutthroatslim1353d ago

Well I Neva heard of u till here so I wouldn't know if there are impersonators and if so I do apologize I'm sorry then.

GribbleGrunger1353d ago


There's only one (fortunately). I appreciate your apology, it shows you're a decent chap. Bubble.

1353d ago
ThanatosDMC1353d ago

I was surprised how responsive it was. The only thing i dont like about the subscription model is that we do not have access to the whole catalog of games.

Septic1353d ago

It's the price that kills it for me. Paying that kind of monthly fee is just too much imo, especially when I'm now paying for PS+ and Live.

uth111353d ago


Buy used PS3
+ buy HDMI switch box because you are out of ports
+ buy new powerstrip because that's maxed too
+ buy new bigger entertainment center to hold all these consoles.

For many people, believe it or not, a service like PS Now is actully more convenient!

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Spotie1353d ago

Assuming your old consoles still work, and you have all the games that are a part of PSNow.

Seriously, though, what's with all the people with flimsy as hell reasons for why Now isn't good? I can't even begin to understand the stupidity of some of these arguments.

Razjin1353d ago

Yea I was using it in the beta for games I never played before and wouldn't really bother purchasing since they would cost me at least 20 dollars or so when i'm going to beat them in a day or so.

1353d ago
uth111353d ago

It comes down to a lifestyle decision. Do you hang onto old consoles? Do you have the space for them and all the old games? Yes? Well guess what, you aren't the target audience. Believe it or not, there's lots of people who aren't like you and would pay for this service.

For me it doesn't work because I don't have fast enough internet. When I do, I may give it a shot.

crazychris41241352d ago

All of my old consoles work and I have most of games that interest me. If I dont have a certain game I'll take a 5 minute drive to Play N Trade n grab a cheap copy. This is 16 years of gaming that I have accumulated all of this stuff. Like I said Now is good for people that sold their old consoles and games or have never experienced gaming of the previous generations. Its not a good deal for me but im not the targeted audience. Money I save from not using Now goes to new games and the PS4 I hope to get by the end of the year.

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joab7771353d ago

It a great service. Didn't realize how many games I didn't play.

Now, just put Persona 4 or Golden on there and we ate good.

Fatal-Aim1353d ago (Edited 1353d ago )

@ crazy

Um yeah... U have no foresight

WeAreLegion1353d ago

I'm liking it, but when will they add more games?

itsjustexuma1353d ago

They add new PS Now games on the second Tuesday of each month

darx1353d ago

It'll bust just like Onlive.

Ultr1352d ago

We will see :)
Netflix, Spotify and countless other streaming services should show you that you may be on the wrong side of that bet. but you know a bet starts with two opposing sides.
So lets just wait and see pal :)

Travis37081353d ago

It needs more AAA games. Sony is bringing way to many indies to PS now.

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