Lego Hobbit might never be finished, but it's only £14.99 on PS4

Dealspwn writes: Fancy reliving the Hobbit movies in Lego form and pandering to your obsessive nature over in-game collectibles? Then be sure to pick up Lego The Hobbit on your PS4 from only £14.99.

The latest Lego effort is one of the more rushed efforts from the overworked Traveller's Tales studio, but it's much more appealing at this price. It's certainly worth a look if you're a series fan. The third film was supposed to be added as DLC late last year, but things have been oddly quiet on that front. Warner and Traveller's Tales recently released a list of title's they were working on, and the conclusion to to the trilogy didn't get a mention. Hmmm.

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