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Matt at Codec Moments writes:

"The Telltale juggernaut continued in December 2014 with the release of the Game Of Thrones tie-in that blends the hugely successful character driven narrative of The Walking Dead game series with the hugely successful character driven narrative of the George R. R. Martin novels and HBO TV series. On paper it’s a perfect match up and there’s a proven formula that gives confidence in the approach, so it’s a shoe in for everyones Game of the Year then? Only time will tell on that one."

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WizzroSupreme1446d ago

I've never read the books, but I keep up with the show. Maybe this'll be a good fit for me.

SamPao1446d ago

Played it two days ago. Its extremely solid!

BenRage31445d ago

Considering the next episode is being released in a couple of days this is a very late review--kind of odd. Nonetheless, the first episode was rock solid.

My girlfriend and I are fans of the show, and she actually enjoyed sitting down and watching me play the whole thing. I like getting her input on my decision making process.

"Honey, what should I do?" "Kill him!"

How can I say no to my baby? Press X...I killed him

Got to keep her happy :)