Metroid Prime Trilogy Review (ReadRetro)

One of the most significant $10 purchases you'll make this year, Metroid Prime Trilogy is well worth the download.

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Neonridr1360d ago

wow.. didn't realize that the visuals got a bump up in resolution. I own the game on the Wii, but at $10 I may double dip for the increased graphics and the luxury of playing it on the Wii U without having to go into Wii mode.

Dudebro901360d ago

The bump in graphics works on the disc copy as well if you are using a Wii u. It gets the bump from the upscaler in the hardware.

Neonridr1359d ago

I did not know that.. thank you for sharing.


Definitely, at $10 you shouldn't even have to think about it, I have the collectors tin version, and I even considered it.

On a completely random side note a trilogy that I really want again is Onimusha (Capcom).

DaGodKing1360d ago

i was lucky to get the collector version when it was priced normally ive beaten pare two and three but not one.. im probably have got to go back and beat it soon it calls to

jholden32491360d ago

Beat all 3 games on their original systems, own 2 copies of the collectors edition with steel case, and I STILL couldn't resist buying this for $10

dubal-e1360d ago

Yea I bought it again. I might buy it again for my niece n nephews. lol

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The story is too old to be commented.