RPG Reload File 023 - 'Final Fantasy Tactics'

TouchArcade: This week's game has been frequently requested since the very start of this series of articles, but never quite had enough votes to win. Worry not, I hear you, even if your choice doesn't get selected formally. I was intentionally kicking Final Fantasy Tactics [$13.99 / $15.99 (HD)] down the road for a couple of reasons. First of all, it's a fairly long and involved game, so I wanted to have some time to dedicate to my playthrough. The Christmas holidays did the job just fine in that regard. Second, I knew we were getting awfully close to the anniversary of its North American debut, and it's always nice when we can line things up like that. I'm actually writing the bulk of this article on the 28th of January, which is the English Final Fantasy Tactics's 17th birthday to the day. Hey, you can almost vote, buddy!

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Still want a Final Fantasy Tactics 2 on PS4