5 Things Dying Light Does Right

Dying Light is a great game that does a lot of things right. Here are the top 5 that are sure to stand out during your playthrough.

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gangsta_red1356d ago

Ok, I'm sold on Dying Light. Going to have to go by Gamestop and grab a copy for my Xbox One!

Glgh1356d ago (Edited 1356d ago )

You know, it won't be a GOTY candidate but I do have a lot of fun playing it.

gangsta_red1356d ago

I'm not concerned about any GOTY, let the fanboys fight over that, but I want to play a game that I personally find fun.

It can win the GOTY....of my heart ;-)

ZombieKiller1355d ago (Edited 1355d ago )

Co-op. It does co-op the way I wish EVERY game did it. Separate unlockable items, separate lootables so we aren't fighting over the same stuff, yet we can still explore as much as possible. All players see the same cutscenes but only when everyone is at the goal, not to mention the warp option to actually GET there. Just awesome.

I hope more single player games follow this formula!

Bobby Kotex1355d ago

More games need co-op matchmaking. This reminds me of Borderlands 1 and 2 which are much better with other players.

TrollsBringer1355d ago

lol, don't. You'll get it used.

Stopher921355d ago

I've been playing it non stop on my PS4. Such a beautiful and fun game. The gameplay is very satisfying. And I like how they took advantage of the PS4 controller's speaker, like when you pick up loot or if you're using your radio or turn on your light, it all comes thru your speaker. They also used the touchpad for navigating menus and stuff. The light bar even lights up super white when you turn on your flash light. These little things add such a nice effect and makes it that much more immersive. Plus it's full HD on PS4, so that's a plus. :)

CorndogBurglar1355d ago (Edited 1355d ago )

Nice! I was expecting more games to make use of the speaker in the controller of the PS4. I'm kind of disappointed more games haven't yet. Maybe in the future.

But thanks for all that info. I'll probably be picking this up this weekend. Bubble up for you!

Stopher921355d ago (Edited 1355d ago )

You're gonna love it! The gameplay is my favorite part. It's so fluid!

Ozmoses1355d ago (Edited 1355d ago )

Seriously for anyone on the fence.

Dying Light is incredible..

The parkour and traversal around the city of Harran is pretty seamless. The crafting works on the fly meaning you don't have to go anywhere specific to craft something. You can craft items anywhere.

In this day where the "majority" of games are broken on release. I can firmly say the the Co-op element works perfect. I just finished all the Co-op related trophies last night.

A lot of people are saying Dead Island/Mirror's Edge because of the parkour. But I never played Mirror's Edge. It just feels natural playing the game (I'm on PS4).

I personally think there is a FarCry vibe throughout the game also. The overall presentation of the main menu and the main character actually talking and the background menu music.

I've put 16 hour into it so far and I think I'm 15% story completion and 22% overall completion. I've just been dicking around. But seriously anyone that wants a true to true zombie killing game should get Dying Light.

Be Careful at Night. Points are doubled but so is the risk.

Stay Quiet!

GusBricker1355d ago

Night gameplay is the true definition of survival horror.

Ashby_JC1355d ago

Thx for spoiling something. Avoid reading #5 if your like me and haven't played the game

Glgh1355d ago

Lol, it literally happens as the game begins. Even before you get to gain control of the character. That hardly counts as a spoiler.

levian1354d ago

It's literally the first three seconds of the intro video. You're not missing out