Why Nintendo must stay the course with hardware

Wii U and 3DS missed targets, but a future without hardware still looks commercially unappealing for the House of Mario

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AKR1452d ago

Great article. It'd be devastating for Nintendo to jump ship and try and make a name for themselves on the other systems, especially when the gaming industry is so volatile right now. I have a feeling this is the last generation before another big shift occurs.

Not sure what that shift might be, but, judging by what's been going on, I'd rather them "stay the course" too.

Nevers0ft1452d ago

Agreed. Although I'm sure Nintendo would do pretty well as a 3rd party publisher, I think we're about to see some pretty big shake-ups in the industry. I don't think the current 3rd party AAA situation is sustainable - nearly every major franchise has so much funding thrown at it that just a couple of flops could seriously damage the publisher. The public seems to be getting pretty jaded with the current trend of releasing buggy games with micro-transactions and bullshots up the wazzoo... Something's gotta give. I think Nintendo's best bet is ride it out until we can see what the gaming landscape will be like in a few years.

wonderfulmonkeyman1452d ago

So long as gamers on other systems value Uncharted and Call of Duty more than Mario 3D World and games like Splatoon, Nintendo would do well to steer well clear of trying to go third party.

There's just simply no market for Nintendo on systems where people spend more time laughing and calling their games "rehashed kiddy sh*t" than they do actually giving them an objective look and a fair chance.

pcz1452d ago

i want them to stay but their hardware is so uninspiring lately. the new 3ds looks like a completely pointless addition

Canary1452d ago

Just like the DSi. Or 2DS.

This ain't a new thing. Nintendo is doing this to attract new consumers, not appease existing consumers.

marloc_x1452d ago

I do appreciate the increased computing power.

And as a fan of 3D content, the view tracking is a Huge improvement.

A second analog is hardly pointless..

higgins781452d ago (Edited 1452d ago )

I don't understand. I'm certain that those who troll Nintendo over their hardware run out and buy a PS4 or XB1. I'm sorry, but apart from a few buzzwords and propaganda, Sony and Microsoft have done very little in real terms demonstrating their hardware is anything more than a gimped PC. I say this owning a Wii U and PS4. The best games for my PS4 have been either 'remasters' - games I have played and bought previous, or the occasional multiplatform - games I can buy cheaper on run better on my modest PC.

Many now will be asking, "well why did you buy a PS4"!? You got me. Please, please stop painting either PS4 or XB1 as the holy grail of hardware. The truth is (at present) all 3 major consoles run games at HD and at 60fps...well, at least one of them does.

pcz1452d ago

i dont care about the ps4 or x1, but since you mention them, at least they go some way to give you technology you would consider 'cutting edge.' again, i dont care for ps4 or x1 but they are attractive pieces of hardware. to think of what could be possible on those platforms excites you and stirs your imagination. the tech is at the forefront so there will always be an element of surprise.

the same is not true of the new 3ds. i was very disappointed to see how xenoblade looked on it. it looked horrible. the graphical leap is so small as to be redundant. why do they even bother?

the same is also true of wiiu, we all know what we can expect from wiiu even when pushed to the max because the tech is a generation old and everyone knows what a ps3/60 is capable of. wiiu is not charting any new territory, its just treading over the already worn path.

it seems this is nintendo's new market strategy, and it is also why the prospect of a new nintendo console doesnt excite me. yes, i will still watch with interest, but i know they are going to come with retro tech and just pair it with a gimmick.

Rebel_Scum1452d ago

@PCZ: I wouldn't say pointless, but more this is what they should've released in the first place.

R00bot1452d ago

The New 3DS is exactly what people like you have been asking for, now that it's been made you backflip. There's almost nothing Nintendo can do to get you to change your mind.

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Hereiamhereibe21452d ago

Xbox should make a PC gaming platform, Nintendo should solely focus on handhelds and Playstation should be the only Console platform. These changes i feel would better the gaming community as a whole. People are so divided these days.

OrangePowerz1452d ago

Well their revenue since a while is bolstered by having people buy their second, third or fourth 3DS. They should stay in the hardware business, but they should seriously reevaluate their approach. They got lucky with the Wii and it's gimmicky Remote. The 3DS, while not a bad device, has poor hardware capabilities and the WiiU tried to replicate the success of the Wii with another gimmicky controler and failed.

I know that they try to be special and distance themselves from the other consoles because the N64 and GC didn't sell that well, but they need to up their game and start developing again up to date hardware instead of relying on gimmicks.

superchiller1452d ago

"Stay the course"? Not if that means they should keep making underpowered, feature-lacking hardware with bad gimmicks forced into them, the last two home consoles from Nintendo have been terrible.

If they actually do produce a successor to the Wii U, which isn't certain at all, let's hope they drop the gimmicks and just focus on solid gaming hardware. Their gimmicks have really damaged their reputation badly, and ruined their chances to succeed this generation.

marloc_x1452d ago

Nintendo'$ gimmick$ have really damaged their reputation badly, and ruined their chance$ to $ucceed thi$ generation.


GokuSolosAll1452d ago

3rd Party Nintendo would be the best. Imagine Sony pumping out hardcore versions of their IP on beautiful PS5 instead of allowing Nintendo to casualize their awesome IP into the ground for their next underpowered system held back byba gimmick.

Nintendo is like Sega. They'll be good as 3rd Party (though Sega should make Dreamcast 2).

diepdiep1452d ago

"Nintendo is like Sega. They'll be good as 3rd Party"

Yes, because Sega is doing SO well recently.

Amorist891452d ago (Edited 1452d ago )

Sorry yet poor hardware arguement is gone passed overused especially when the software has been outstanding on the system. It's true that graphical and performance lacks longevity in light of the competition.

Nintendo has had signs of great success when they've applied marketing focus, but those instances are few and far between. The problem with the video game outlook as of late stems from the Wii U launch as players were waiting for the grass to be greener on the other side with PS4 and XB1.

Throughout 2014 PS4 + XB1 gamers including me were waiting yet again for the grass to be greener on the other side in 2015. All the while Nintendo had delivered consistent quality last year, which the Wii U feels a more justifiable purchase.

The other two systems personally do not and can shamefully say i purchased them to soon, my own stupid mistake.

Morale of the rambling; hardware is not really the point here, it's whats produced with the resources available. Some games score critical acclaim that could probably run smooth on older systems in regards to specifictions, such as popular indy titles.

Nintendo needs to stay the course with hardware and aim to confront the negative stigma that keeps gamers commiting to the Sony or Microsoft comfort zone. Power is nothing without control or direction.

Dont get me wrong I do want all systems to deliver, Nintendo needs to play the game differently and to emphasise strength within their weaknesses.

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