How does DmC: Definitive Edition feel at 60fps on PS4? | PS Blog

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We go hands-on with Dante’s re-tooled PS3 adventure.

Now the smart-talking Dante fights on in DmC: Definitive Edition, launching this March on PS4. It’s an enhanced version of the original PS3 game with a slew of new features and a layer of polish that makes Dante’s demon-killing exploits and confident gunplay even more satisfying. I had a chance to put the Definitive Edition through its paces, and managed to avoid embarrassing myself in the Bloody Palace along the way.

Starting with the basics: the Definitive Edition runs at 60 frames per second in crisp 1080p. This propels the fast-paced combat and kinetic environments to new heights, enhancing Dante’s deft swordwork and the ever-shifting realm of Limbo.

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