Dying Light - How to Fast Travel

After beating the story you can use fast travel to go back to all the main areas in the game (Slums, Old Town, Antenna). This is very important for searching collectibles and completing all side quests! The game doesn't actually tell you that you can go back to the other maps or that there is a fast travel option. To fast travel between the Slums and Old Town you need to head to your bedroom in the tower. There's a poster on the wall that lets you travel to the other map immediately. To get to the Antenna area you need to use the door in the north of the Slums or the sewer entrance in the north of Old Town.

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BattleTorn1452d ago

I don't think I'm alone in saying this, I had never noticed this

ZAF1452d ago

Don't you get that after you finish the main story? i only noticed that when i completed the story.

beefcao1445d ago

Nope, I'm still in the main story, fast travel works. The main problem, is you cant see the poster in the shop in the tower in old town.. without your headlamp on. Room is well lit otherwise, but it sits in a dark corner.

drove me nuts, could see it marked on map "fast travel back to slums" but i went all over that tower.. didnt find it. googled, found this post and a youtube.. went to wear the youtube said it was and didnt see it.. and was about to agree with you. wanted to take screenshot but thought was too dark, turned on light and blamo there it was.

Corpser1452d ago

Don't understand why you need to finish the story to have fast travel

UnHoly_One1452d ago

How in the world are people finished with this already???

I've been playing every free moment since late Monday night when my download went active, and my story completion is at like 22%. lmao

Multiplatguy1452d ago

A week is long enough to complete a game like this. I am in the UK so I just got mine today. A buddy and I got through 11% completion in the 3-4 hours we played tonight. It can't be that long.

UnHoly_One1452d ago

I've played 30 hours. lol

JsonHenry1452d ago

This is the exact same way you fast traveled in Dead Island and Dead Island Riptide. Surprised no one thought to check the walls for posters or maps..