#IDARB Is A Wolf In 8-Bit Clothing

WOW247: "If I wanted to play NES games, I could easily buy a cheap system and some classics off eBay for around £30 – but I was weirdly drawn to this game instead. There was just something about it."

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ScorpiusX1409d ago

I have not played yet but looks like fun . Has a nostalgia look to it , which why I am liking it . Can't wait to get home and play.

Revolt131409d ago

Been playing for a few hours, its pretty damn fun, and free for gold

Toiletsteak1409d ago

I got this a few weeks back and it is so much fun with a friend or friends.

AutoCad1409d ago

Best indie ive played this generation.

Kingdomcome2471409d ago

So much fun. Especially in four player couch co-op. I love all of pop culture references in game, and the things that they say.

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