Unreal Engine 4 - Download The Mind-blowing Unreal Paris Map & Experience The Best Visuals Ever

DSOGaming writes: "Two days ago, we informed you about a mind-blowing map created by Benoît Dereau. The artist today shared a number of new screenshots and a download link for his map."

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SantistaUSA1362d ago

Impressive! Now let me see outside :D

Foraoise1362d ago

Me Like. Think the PS4 can handle this?

MelvinTheGreat1362d ago

Probably, really it isnt that much because everything is static. Now if it were a high pace game, then no the ps4 could not handle it

shloobmm31362d ago

its actually not graphically intensive at all right now

Foraoise1362d ago (Edited 1362d ago )

Oh nice! I'm excited to see how this progresses then! I adore my PS4, and this is beautiful! (Why the downvotes? Was just wondering...)

Timesplitter141362d ago

We get a lot of UE4 architectural preview demos and tech demos but very few game demos

shloobmm31362d ago

I downloaded and it was not as awesome as i hoped it would be. Really impressed by the bed and couches tho

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