Video Compares Metroid Prime Trilogy Loading Times

Not only is the re-release of Metroid Prime Trilogy an absolute steal at the moment, at just £8.99, it's also heavily improved with it's waiting times as well.

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iplay1up21360d ago

Very nice. That used to bug me. It kind of broke up the action a bit. I own them, but think I would like to add them to my digital collection. I like to just turn on the Wii U and not have to pop a disk in.

Gamer7771360d ago

Is there an option to install the disc on onto the hardware ?

AskYourMumGaming1360d ago

No, most likely due to the small size of the Wii U's flash drive.

Gamer7771360d ago

Thanks, I ordered a physical copy of the game (for much more than the digital version lol).

Articuno761360d ago

IIRC you can install games to an external HDD can't you? Not sure as I don't own the system myself, but that's what I've heard.

Chrischi19881359d ago

Sure you can and it is a much cheaper solution, then having a 500gb harddrive build in, but I know most will deny that, because of fanboyism that is.

Concertoine1360d ago

The digital might be faster but at least you can keep the physical for life without worrying about any problems.

jholden32491360d ago

True, but considering you can still re download purchases off the Wii store from 8 years ago, with no sign of that ever stopping, and the fact Nintendo is the only one who allows cross-generational transfer of all your downloaded purchases, I'd say anyone who buys digital will have nothing to worry about.

And for only $10? I'd pay $10 just so my lazy butt doesn't have to get off the chair to pop in the disc.

Gamer7771359d ago

I personally feel no ownership over games bought digitally; so I stick with physical copies. The price difference between physical and digital copies of most on consoles isn't enough for me to switch away from disk.

Canary1359d ago

The actual Wii game disc? No.
But AskYourMumGaming is wrong, because the VC game is only 7GB; WiiU HDD's come in 16GB and 32GB flavors. So you can install the game to the primary HDD if you want.

That said, I've noticed zero performance difference between games played from the main HDD versus external HDD.

Articuno761360d ago

I've seen the loading time improvements from flash storage on a console before, having swapped my PS3 HDD for a Samsung 840 Evo. But damn! The improvement here is better than anything I've seen on the PS3.

AJBACK2FRAG1360d ago

I'm downloading the Triology as I speak!!! I already own all three but the ease of having them on my Wii U dashboard is worth double the asking price!!! Lol!!!

Canary1359d ago

You could always sell the discs for $80 online.

AJBACK2FRAG1358d ago

Lol!!!! I don't sell video games.

Sgt_Slaughter1359d ago

Having not found the Trilogy for less than $50 used or new, this is a fantastic add on for my Wii U.

Missed out on Punch-Out!! but I think I can find that cheap.

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