Can Video Games be Inspirational?

Throughout the years, video games have explored some of the most complex themes in entertainment and more often than not, succeeded. From the heart wrenching punch of TellTale Games’ The Walking Dead to the unapologetic laugh riot that was Portal 2, video games have evolved from mere text on a screen and graphics to human stories and human conflicts.

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Playdor2068d ago

I think they can, if the story is good.

TheRedButterfly2068d ago

I agree, but I'd go deeper than just whether or not the story was good. Everything from the narrative to the character development to the universe/setting - it all can be inspirational.

But even then, it really depends on your definition of "inspire." For example, Halo 2 single-handedly inspired me to pursue Game Design as a legitimate career. I'm still working on it (3 years through university/1 year working on independent projects), but I have Halo 2/the OG Bungie team (namely Staten) to thank for my passion!

:) So yeah, I'd say they could be inspirational.

Game0N2068d ago

Journey was inspiring. Gave me hope that there may still be hope for mankind.

NukaCola2068d ago

I have unfortunately met people in the military who only joined because of COD.