Let's own up to our politics in gaming culture

Discussions are supposed to make games better, not divide the community. Perhaps it's time to rethink how we engage with each other.

Don't we all want better games?

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HanCilliers1384d ago (Edited 1384d ago )

It's really high time someone calls us out, all of us, about how far we've regressed in our ability to articulate proper discussions.


Sillicur1384d ago

Agreed, there is nothing wrong with pushing an agenda in games sometimes.

CongoKyle1384d ago

Great read, just to touch on your point about diversity in gaming:

To be honest I've spoken to a lot of friends who are involved in the gaming industry and who are of colour. They basically confirmed what I already assumed. Note: These guys have been gaming for almost 10 years.

What we concluded was that it's more of a cultural thing rather than a racial thing. They told me growing up their black friends couldn't understand why they played computer games, some would even say "That's what white boys do." Although that sounds rather contradicting, I always stood by my opinion that racial diversity in gaming is load of shit. You don't NEED it to be racially diverse, if you enjoy gaming, you enjoy gaming whether you're black, white, blue, purple, Arabic, Jewish, it really doesn't matter. The problem lies with those people who bring it up and continuously say "OH WOW LOOK AT THAT COMPANY ALL THE DEVS ARE WHITE!!???" So what? They're obviously the most talented people in that company.

The great thing is that times are changing and it's becoming more culturally acceptable for more and more people of colour to be involved in the gaming industry. I think we've hit that perfect time now with past transgressions aside.

As for woman in gaming, well that's a whole other pandora's box which I am not going to open.

HanCilliers1384d ago (Edited 1384d ago )

Game developers' target audience have always been the straight, white male demographic. Over the years that audience have evolved, matured, changed, but devs have not.

So, one of the arguing points for diversity is based on the changed demographic.