The Best Resident Evil HD Remastered Mods (GameWatcher)

From "As everyone who’s ever played it knows, the Resident Evil Remake is the best horror game ever made. Which is why it was so exciting to see it pop up on the PC this month in shiny HD, with improved lighting, controls that don’t feel like you’re reversing a stubborn hippo around a supermarket aisle, and backgrounds so sharp you could cut your eyeballs on them.

Which is all very nice on its own, but the really exciting thing about having the game on PC is that it’s now a prime target for the endlessly creative modding community. From mods that restore the joyously terrible voice acting from the original 1996 game, to stylish new threads for Chris and Jill to wear (and presumably get covered in zombie juice), we’ve gathered up a list of the best mods currently available for Resident Evil HD. Enjoy!"

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